Anonymizing IP

Hot Jar does anonymize IP addresses by default so no action is needed with IPs.

“IP addresses of visitors are always suppressed before being stored. We set the last octet of IPv4 addresses, all connections to Hotjar are made via IPv4, to 0 to ensure the full IP address is never written to disk.”

Keystroke data

As per the other visual intelligence tools Hot Jar records keystroke data, this information can be suppressed in the settings, it is not automatic like VWO, here is how:

This needs to be done per site within a Hot Jar account not per account globally. If you are part of our master agency account this has been done automatically for you.

Go to your site settings and switch off record keystroke data. Then select suppress on page numeric text and emails addresses:

Here is a guide from Hot Jar:


IMPORTANT: Before May 25th all session recordings will need to be purged to remove the chance of any keystroke data remaining Hot Jar databases that is not GDPR compliant.

Further advice from Hot Jar is:

“Make sure your Terms of Service or Privacy Policy properly communicate to your users how you are using Hot Jar (and any other similar services) on your website or app. This requirement has always been part of Hot Jar’s Terms of Service, but the GDPR can heavily penalize you if you’ve not done this clearly. We recommend you ensure your policies are up to date and clear to your readers.”