"Due to GDPR, our call recording feature is changing.  If you want to keep call recordings, you have two options to choose from before 25th May 2018:"


"Keep call recordings with caller consent: This means callers are asked to give their consent using their telephone keypad for the call to be recorded in a pre-call IVR. If they do not give their consent the call will not be recorded.


Keep call recordings without caller consent (as is currently the case): Callers will be told that the call is going to be recorded. No consent from the caller is required and every call is automatically recorded.


When you log in to ResponseTap you will see a pop-up with further instructions on how to update or re-confirm your settings. Only an account admin can do this; If you don’t know who this is, request a call back now. You should also ensure you have the necessary authority to make this decision on your clients’ behalf.


If no action is taken by you or your client, the recording of your calls will automatically stop on 25th May 2018.


Removing Caller Phone Numbers: We will be removing Caller Phone Numbers from the Call Log, Scheduled Reports and the Live Call Screen between 21st and 24th May. This will affect previously collected personal data, as well as all personal data collected in the future. If you want to discuss options for retaining this feature, please request a call back to discuss your options with our team.


Your GDPR questions answered For further information about how ResponseTap is preparing for GDPR, we’ve created a GDPR community, full of FAQs. You can request access to the community here. “