Anonymize IP

VWO will Anonymize IP address by default, VWO never captures the full IP address of any visitor on your website. They anonymize the IP addresses completely.

Keystroke data

VWO session recordings by default anonymizes keystrokes on any input field. It means that the data entered by your website visitors never trickles down to our servers and the recorded playback can never be used to decipher the inputs.

Whitelist fields

VWO also has a white list fields option for further protection. This means anything that users enter onto your site can be whitelisted. Examples include order summary, checkout page, and others. You can add a class of “class=nls_protected” to do this:

<input type="text" name="cc_number" class="nls_protected" />

Or add the elements in the interface by class:

More information for VWO can be found here