Cookieless Tracking Deep Dive


By the end of 2021, Google Chrome will block third-party cookies, following the lead set by Safari, Edge, Firefox and Brave. If your marketing strategy is reliant on cookies to create remarketing campaigns or track user journeys, this could be under threat.

An effective tech stack can be used to combat this issue, which is why ClickThrough  have launched our Cookieless Tracking Deep Dive to help our clients identify how their current tech stack will measure up. Our experts will use their knowledge of world-leading advertising technology to inform you of potential risks and how you can overcome them.

The Cookieless Tracking Deep Dive is a straightforward process that will give you a step-by-step plan for how you can futureproof your tracking;

  • You get a one-hour call with one of our experts to discuss your audiences, platforms and tracking to help us assess your risk.
  • We audit your current tech stack and identify the future risks to your strategy the cookieless future presents.
  • We provide a unique-to-you roadmap, outlining our discoveries and the steps you will need to take to safeguard your future tracking.
  • You receive a one-hour follow up phone call to discuss our findings, ask questions, and go over the roadmap we have created.

To learn how our Cookieless Tracking Deep Dive can secure your data, complete the form and an expert will be in touch.