Want to know how to improve results from your Google shopping adverts?

This fast track evaluation will provide you with suggestions for future tests, opportunities and ideas we have used for many years which have proven to increase shopping performance.

As part of your evaluation we would analyse and provide recommendations on the below:

  • Campaign and Ad Group Structure
  • Budget Allocation
  • Optimisation Techniques
  • Bid Management
  • SKU Strategy
  • Campaign Settings
  • Search query review
  • Impression Share Review
  • Shopping Feed Quality
  • Landing pages
  • How to maximise the Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) opportunity

Retailers who have implemented our recommendations have seen the following impact:

  • Better visibility on the SERPs
  • Cheaper CPCs and more volume of sales
  • Better ROAs and higher margins
  • Reduction in wasted budget.

Cost per evaluation is £360.