Interested in working with us but have some questions?

What is your agency's focus and proposition? 
Our purpose is to deliver sales growth and a competitive business advantage to its clients. We aim to forge long term relationships with our clients by providing industry leading talent, service, strategies and marketing technology.

Who do you work with? 
We work with a mix of B2C brands, ecommerce retailers and B2B organisations. We aim to work with market leading brands or ambitious companies that want to grow their business through digital and online channels. Visit our client page and discover some of the clients we work with.

How long have you been in business? 
ClickThrough was launched in 2004, and is one of the pioneering companies offering search engine marketing services in the UK.

What solutions & services do you provide? 
We provide digital performance and marketing services including Paid Media Management, Organic Search, Content Marketing, Social Media, Conversion Optimisation and Email Marketing,

Our web development team provide ecommerce and CMS web design and development services - specialising in Magento and Enterprise level WordPress builds. 

Do you have case studies I can read?
Yes, please see our case studies page.

What are your agency's USP's and points of difference? 
Our blend of culture, track record, people, expertise; methodologies and technology are what set ClickThrough apart from other agencies.  

We focus on digital performance and talk daily with our clients about KPI targets, forecasting and return on investment. Everything we do is measured and attributed to the activity and spend on your campaigns.

We also measure client satisfaction through NPS and regular service level reviews, which drive our focus on service excellence and building long term partnerships with our clients.

Do you offer performance based agreements?
We may consider performance based contracts where we have total control of all your digital channels; results and website. 

What are your free website performance insights?
We provide monthly digital performance insights to companies that we would like to work with. If you would like to apply to receive these insights please contact our New Business Team on 01543 412 476.

What is your average client retainer?
This varies depending on the level of work required, and your budgets. Retainers range from £800 p/m to £15k p/m. We can also work with you on project based work.

What is your new business process?
Typically, in the absence of an RFP document we prefer to work based on a 5 stage process:

  1. Consultation Call - assess your needs and goals
  2. Fact Find - deeper evaluation of your business, budgets, competitors, target market, historical agency relationships and performance of your existing strategy
  3. Digital Performance Evaluation - an assessment of your relevant channels such as paid media, organic, social, and content marketing
  4. Strategy Proposal - creation of a detailed forecast, strategy and costings for your campaign
  5. Pitch - our team will pitch the proposal to you