ways to optimise your site

Our technical SEO services and SEO audits are designed to improve the quality, ranking and visibility of your website. Our team of SEO experts work to Google’s guidelines to optimise your site according to the search engine’s strict advice. This is important to avoid being hit by penalties imposed by one of the many Google algorithms.

You may already have an SEO agency on board, in which case our SEO Site Audit can provide an independent, expert view of the issues affecting your site, and may flag up issues your current agency may have missed or are unaware of.

Google Ranking Factors

Google has hundreds of ranking factors, which help decide where your page will appear in the SERPS. These all vary in importance and are constantly changing. As a result, your site needs to remain up to date with these SEO best practices or face the consequence.

Our team of technical SEO specialists ensure they stay up to date with every change Google makes to its ranking factors to ensure your website continues to rise up the SERPs.

Google ranking factors to consider include site usability, load times, content language and social signals.

Panda and Penguin

The Panda and Penguin algorithms are a constant source of pain for many webmasters. However, what you have to remember is that Google’s aim with Panda and Penguin is to provide the best user experience possible, one that does not involve navigating through a field of spam to find your content.

Each algorithm behaves differently. Panda is focussed on issues of content, whilst Penguin is geared towards penalising link spam. Want to find out more? Download your FREE Guide to Link Penalty Removal, featuring our six-step recovery process.

Both algorithms are continuously updated. But be aware: being hit by a Panda or Penguin penalty can have disastrous effects on your website.

Our team of technical SEO specialists are experts on Penguin, Panda and all the other algorithms out there. Working with our SEO and content experts, our technical team can optimise your site to reduce the possibility of a penalty attack.

Technical SEO Checklist

Our technical SEO experts work hard to make your website a solid foundation to build upon and adhere to Google best practice, thereby avoiding penalties.

There are many ways to technically optimise your site, and our team can advise you on these. For example:

Pagination – We will check your site for crawl depth, duplicate content and thin content, and craft your website pagination to flow according to Google best practices.

Canonicalisation – We will ensure your site is consistent on URLs – www.example.com and example.com/ are not the same. Canonicalisation can dilute page rank.

Content cannibalisation – Otherwise known as duplicate content, this occurs when your site pages are all fighting over the same search terms, and can have a detrimental effect on your search results as pages compete for rank. Optimisation is key to avoid this.

URL formatting – Are your URLs easy to read and understand? Do they deliver on their promise? Is there duplication? We will consider these and many other factors to make sure your URLs function and add search value to your site.

Indexation – Search engines index websites. If your site is not indexed, or is indexed incorrectly, it will not show in search engine results. We will check your site indexation in top search engines, and then tailor your meta data to make sure your site is included.

Facetted navigation – Vital for eCommerce websites, facetted navigation enables users to filter by colour or price range to find exactly what they are looking for. Our SEO team will ensure your site is as search-friendly as possible, while removing any duplicate or obsolete URLs that simply snarl up the navigation process.

Internal linking – Internal links are great for building search-friendly site architecture and for sharing link juice with other pages in your domain. Our team can assist you in building your internal link architecture to make sure it improves usability and search engine navigation.