Your web development project made easier.

From project management to client collaboration, we use a variety of the latest tools and technologies so that your project runs as smoothly as possible, whether we’re working on the development of a large, complex site or providing on-going maintenance

Some of the tools we use

Git Used for source control.
Git is a version control system that can handle large amounts of data with speed and accuracy, storing all our code revisions and repositories. This means that your entire website’s code will be held securely and updated in a fully controlled system that you can rely on.

Bitbucket Used for revision control. 
Bitbucket is used in unison with Git as a revision control system, allowing for efficient code collaboration across our team, meaning that everything we do is tracked and monitored across the team for full transparency on your web build.

DeployBot Used for code deployment.
DeployBot is compatible with all major revision control systems, and is used to deploy code either manually or automatically, to the relevant server. With compatibility across servers and a simplified interface, the tool provides everything necessary for quick, responsive actions on your site. DeployBot checks our last Git commit and deploys all of those changes in one go, allowing for carefully planned evolutionary rollouts.

TrackDuck Used for visual feedback and bug tracking.
TrackDuck allows for collaborative tracking of live websites, so that any client or colleague feedback can be provided on-page, for ultimate ease of understanding. The shared access allows you to submit your queries easily for a fast and effective turnaround by our team. It is as simple as clicking an area on the page to signify where the problem is, followed by the addition of any explanatory notes if necessary. We can then click a generated link, and go straight to where the problem is.

Trello Used for project management.
We use Trello for simple and efficient project management across the team. We also fully integrate the tool with TrackDuck for quick prioritising and an efficient workflow. This means that when issues are raised in Trackduck, they enter the relevant Trello board so that they can be prioritised accordingly, and responded to when necessary to keep your website running as healthily as possible at all times. We use Trello to manage retainer tasks and also in conjunction with bigger picture project management systems to manage tasks and functionality areas, all the time offering client visibility and interaction.

Google Docs Used for project management.
To stay organised and efficient, Google Docs provides us with a simple yet effective way of creating, storing and editing any relevant documents surrounding our projects. A clear platform for structuring data and information, all work is collated in one place for easy access.

Smartsheet Used for big picture project management.
Where a Gantt chart is needed, we use Smartsheets to allow collaboration with client stakeholders.

Slack Used for team communication.
For fast-paced and responsive actions, the slack messaging app saves us time and keeps message threads organised by providing open channels of instant communication. The nature of the app means that we can stay focussed on workflow while transferring information as quickly as possible.

From web development project management to the live implementation of changes, our department is fast-paced and reactive. That’s why we use the right tools and technologies required to perform quickly, efficiently and professionally.

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