WordPress is so much more than just a blogging platform

Whether you are a small start-up or an international organisation, we can develop a scalable WordPress website solution appropriate to your size – from web pages for grassroots companies to enterprise-level WordPress solutions.

WordPress Development

WordPress is a fully-fledged web development platform capable of handling enterprise-level websites – if you know how to use it. Where Sitecore, Umbraco, Joomla, Expression Engine, or Drupal have their limitations, WordPress is fully customisable. This helps you to create an online presence for your business that is flexible, and tailored specifically to the online journey that you want to create for your customers.

WordPress offers smart strategies, impactful design and innovative technologies, which can be worked together to create a WordPress website that drives your sales and marketing strategies.

Is WordPress Secure?

There is a misconception that WordPress is insecure. However, this is largely due to ineffective site management. If a WordPress site is insecure it is because it has not been updated recently, insecure plugins have been used, or developers have created insecure code.

The core of WordPress is regularly updated as exploits become known, and the open source community is scrupulously efficient at releasing patches as and when required, constantly working on bug fixes and new features.

WordPress Case Study

Read our recent Case Study on how we increased Biffa’s online conversion rate by 50% with a bespoke quoting widget. The widget allowed them to provide new customers with accurate quotes from their needs captured by the form fill. This plugin and the entire site was penetration tested by a third party testing company and given the green light.

Custom WordPress Website Design

WordPress is often seen as a templated content management system. However, our team of web designers can create custom WordPress themes that are on brand and deliver your company message.

Working with the Visual Composer page builder API, and using advanced custom fields and custom post types, we can build a WordPress website that is totally unique. So no matter what your design calls for, our team of WordPress web developers can create the right look and navigation for your custom WordPress design.

Custom Post Types

Companies with specific requirements and larger marketing teams may need to represent various departments or sections of their business in different ways online or on their website. Traditional CMS are often limited in the way they organise data and layout. With custom post types, we can create user-defined sections for different parts of your website, helping you standardise but differentiate different content types across your organisation.

Custom post types may include testimonials, product pages, reviews and more – dependent on your requirements. Categories and tags can be made for each post type, or you can create custom taxonomies. Further options include placement of your post type within your menu, whether it is searchable, and which user level can access it. This allows you to construct different layouts for different sorts of pages without any coding.

WordPress Plugin Development

As the largest open source CMS on the planet, providing the backbone to a quarter of all websites on earth, WordPress has amassed a massive web developer community. As such, there is now a huge library of plugins made to work with the platform. This is a blessing and a curse, since those who do not know what they are doing can easily install insecure plugins.

At ClickThrough, we have a rigorous plugin selection system to ensure your site’s security. We will source a WordPress plugin that is close to your needs, and then take that as a starting point to create a plugin bespoke to you. On many occasions, we create bespoke plugins to suit specific needs.

Can WordPress Work for e-Commerce?

Our team of experienced web developers often work on enterprise-level e-commerce sites, using the Magento platform. However, Magento is often too large a system for clients with smaller turnovers and smaller product catalogues.

WordPress, combined with WooCommerce – the leading WordPress e-commerce plugin, enables smaller online retailers to build a strong e-commerce offering.

Our WordPress developers can further refine your online marketplace by adding in live chat or review widgets, for example, or incorporating call tracking codes such as Response Tap, to help you deliver an enhanced customer experience and improve conversion rates.

The ability of WordPress to provide custom design, custom plugins, and an e-commerce solution, makes this a great enterprise-level CMS.

Find out how our web design and development team can drive your online success with a WordPress site. Contact us today.