Biffa waste services bespoke web development

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Bespoke widget increases conversion rate by allowing customers to view and work through a quoting process for Biffa’s waste management services.

Improving Biffa’s conversion rate by 50% with a bespoke online order widget

Biffa is the UK’s leading integrated waste management company. Operating since 1912, the company has continued to embrace technological advancement – both in its service delivery and in its online and customer service functions.

Taking waste management and turning it into an e-commerce product was, undoubtedly, a challenge. However, the web development team at ClickThrough managed to create a bespoke widget solution that started to deliver results and return on investment within one week of going live.

"Working with Click Through during the re-development of was akin to having an extension of our own team. Alan and his team were attentive, flexible and solution led throughout the project and always ensured that not only our requirements were met, but they were able to exceed our expectations. It was a pleasure working with them and I look forward to the many more projects to come.”

Jodie Claridge
Digital Marketing Manager, Biffa

The Brief

Biffa home page

As part of the rebuild of the Biffa website, it was decided that a central part of its redevelopment should include a new custom-built quoting widget to allow customers to view and work through a quoting process for Biffa’s varying waste management services. There were a lot of historic offline processes which needed to be taken into consideration and improved where possible, for an effective and immersive online experience. A key requirement was to be able to provide quote information to members of staff so that they could contact customers with knowledge of their requirements.

A basic version and data capture facility existed on Biffa’s previous site. With this as a guide, the ClickThrough web development team began work on creating a custom-built solution that was easy to navigate from a customer perspective while also providing Biffa’s sales team with a wealth of information on the customer’s requirements, ahead of making the first sales call.

The Strategy

The web development team at ClickThrough assessed the general requirement and brainstormed a number of different possible approaches before deciding to use a key extension as a foundation.

The team then built a number of bespoke plugins to facilitate key requirements, to cross link aspects of the Biffa product range to waste types allowing front end filtering.

Biffa Order Widget

The customer selections fed into a shopping basket-type widget to provide the customer with feedback on their progression through the tool – effectively their potential order. The aim was to create a non-transactional ecommerce facility.

Biffa Basket

The customised and bespoke front-end delivery mechanism was built with conversion optimisation at the core. The aim was to make the system easy and friendly to work with as well as easy to find.

The front-end system dovetails with a bespoke back-end management system that enables Biffa’s sales team to log in and view quotes placed, gaining valuable information prior to contacting customers direct.

The Results

The results of this web build project have been phenomenal – both in terms of business wins and streamlining processes. Here’s a before and after comparison:

Biffa Conversion Rate

ROI for the project was delivered within one week of the new quoting widget being rolled out.

Further gains were also seen in terms of administration savings and increased efficiency. The quoting widget has streamlined business processes and educated staff members as to the client’s needs before first contact.

"To deny that there were challenges in arriving at the finished product would be to serve an injustice on the complexity of Biffa’s needs. Working alongside Jodie made reaching the finish line possible. We are delighted with the outcome and the results we have yielded for Biffa so far. Our process and data capture experience contributed greatly to the end result, being conversion optimised, and we look forward to continuing to improve these results further.”

Alan Rowe
Director of Web Development, ClickThrough Marketing