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We’ve created these reports and eBooks to help you stay ahead with your digital marketing strategy. Whether you need a guide to planning your content, or an in-depth look into conversion-centric advertising, we've got you covered.

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eBook - Performance Max - 13.04.23

A Quick-Start Guide to: Performance Max Campaigns

Google’s Performance Max ads help you reach wider networks more effectively, and for a better ROAS, than traditional Google Ads campaigns. But, with changes happening frequently, how do you get started? Learn how you can get set up with Performance Max.

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A Quick Guide to - Google Analytics 4

A Quick-Start Guide to: GA4

Google Analytics 4 promises better, more high-quality insights than ever before. With the 1st of July deadline looming, it’s time to get moving and set up with the new analytics. Find out how you can move seamlessly to Google Analytics 4, and set up your first custom report, detailing all the events (metrics) that are important for growing your brand and accelerating your site’s performance.

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The Black Friday Playbook - 2022 300px

The Black Friday playbook - 2022

It's no secret that Black Friday is a high-pressure day for anyone working in the e-commerce sector. Black Friday 2022 though? Set to be more challenging than ever before! With online revenue throughout the UEFA championship falling by 9% while England were playing, England playing the USA on the 25th November is bad news for anyone unprepared.

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dld ebook ipad - 300px

The ultimate introduction to Data-led Design

What happens when data intelligence meets sophisticated web design? Happier users and an increased ROAS! Download our Director of Conversion Strategy, Al Rowe's eBook, to find out how re-allocating 10% of your media budget to CRO could lead to a 33% increase in ROAS

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Cookieless Future eBook Cover (1)-2

Preparing for the Cookieless Future

Do you know what the Cookieless Future means for your business? Are you prepared to own all your site users data? Whether you’re new to the idea of cookieless marketing or have been paying close attention to developments, our free eBook will tell you what you need to know.

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