Who we are – the integrated marketing agency

We’re a team of integrated marketing specialists, with big ideas and even bigger ambitions.

Why work with us

Founded in 2004, our proven experience, combined with our hunger for knowledge, passion for challenge, and dedication to data-led integrated marketing solutions drive us to deliver award-winning service and results.


We're Independent

We’ve been an independent agency since 2004, which means we have the flexibility to do things the right way for you. We are ‘tech agnostic’, so will only recommend solutions that work best for your campaigns, and most importantly get you the best results.


We Share Your Goals

We challenge ourselves to go beyond our clients (and our own) expectations. We are committed to never stopping short of our campaign targets - our strong relationships are based on the results we achieve and our commitment to offering exceptional service.


We're Growth Minded

We exist to accelerate growth of people and brands. Our people have the experience and insight to grow your brand, increase ROI, and enhance the knowledge of your team. We aim to do bigger and better for our clients each time we work together.

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ClickThrough’s Approach to Growing Brands

As an integrated marketing agency, we create digital strategies that consider all aspects of your marketing and advertising activity, and design campaigns that accelerate growth in conversions and performance. Through our integrated approach, we immerse ourselves in your business before recommending the right strategy, ensuring we’re making the best recommendations in each channel we’re supporting you with.

We put data and analytics in place so that your conversion rates can be tracked by our experts, and we use this data to inform our strategy. Whether you’ve opted for a 360, fully integrated marketing strategy with us, or are running a campaign on just one of our channels (paid search, digital PR, SEO, paid social, or conversion rate optimisation) we have specialist teams to ensure the best return on your investment.

And, with our collaborative approach and transparency, you can be confident that the ClickThrough team will work as hard for your business as you do.

What is integrated marketing communication?

Integrated marketing communication is the approach of combining your individual marketing channels’ campaigns into one clear strategy. You might work with an agency on two or three different channels, or you might be partnered with them for your full approach, but an integrated marketing strategy will ensure each channel is working to the same business goals, and taking into account how their activity impacts one another.

None of our channels work in a silo – our specialists collaborate with each other to see where they can best focus their efforts (and your budget!). Tools like our integrated search dashboard allow paid media and organic channels to pull and push budget and optimisation wherever it’s most needed.

Our Values


Relentless Learning

Learning is ingrained in our office culture. Our teams are highly trained, but never stop seeking new information. We always remain ahead of the curve, so that you can too.



At the heart of a good relationship is trust, and truth, which is why so many of our exciting partners have not only stayed with us, but they’ve recommended us too.


Positive Challenge

We push to get the best possible results and challenge the status quo. Success is innovation, creativity, and the passion and mindset to make it happen.


Passionately Inspiring

Every strategy and approach to marketing should be as unique. We find inspiration in our clients, our people, and our industry, and use this to make our campaigns go further.

Who We Partner With

We are partners with Google, and our ‘tech agnostic’ approach allows us to recommend the products and solutions that will best fit your business. We have partnerships with some of the biggest names in advertising technology so, if you DO choose to go with them, we can get the best value possible.

We partner with the biggest platforms in the industry

Our Team

The difference we can make to our clients is down to our people. We’re a talented team of integrated marketing specialists, based in Lichfield and Manchester, but working throughout the world.

Every team member is focused on service and growth – both for clients and themselves! Our dedication to learning & personal development ensures we're staying up to date with the latest industry and marketing channel developments, and are sharing our new knowledge internally to enhance our campaigns.

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Integrated marketing FAQs

Do you work with other marketing agencies?

Yes! We understand that, while a fully integrated strategy is the goal, existing contracts can sometimes often mean we can’t work on every aspect of your digital activity straight away. However, we ensure that we have enough visibility over other activity so that we can plan the channels we are working with you on accordingly!

Find out how we used inter-agency collaboration to save one of our clients £5,400 in media spend.

What individual marketing channels do you work on?
We have specialists in SEO, content, digital PR & outreach, paid search/PPC, programmatic display, paid social, and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). We also have analytics and international specialists, who ensure we’re making the most of our campaign data and can support our clients in successfully growing in territories overseas.
What is an integrated marketing campaign?

An integrated marketing campaign is a campaign which encompasses multiple marketing channels. You can take on a full approach to integrated marketing communication, as we’ve shared above, or can try these principles out on individual campaigns.

You can read how our PPC and content teams joined forces here.

What is an example of an integrated marketing campaign?
An example of an integrated marketing campaign could be combining CRO, paid social, and content, aiming to increase purchases made for a specific range in in a client’s product line. Paid social specialists would identify which platform their target market would be using most heavily and use interest targeting to show to relevant users. CRO and UX designers would ensure that the landing page these ads were pointing to are highly optimised and encourage users to make the choices the client wants. Our content specialists would be able to ensure ad copy and visuals are on brand and in-line with what potential customers would want to see, and will optimise any on-page copy too. 

This is a very simple example of three channels coming together for one campaign brief. Now, imagine what could be achieved on a much grander scale!