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Working with Peugeot on its promotion of the Goodwood Festival of Speed with overall impressions of online press releases improving by 71%

Creating and optimising Peugeot’s online PR efforts for Goodwood

Each year Peugeot attends the Goodwood Festival of Speed, showcasing its innovative technologies, concept cars and production cars that are in the pipeline for the automotive giant. And each year, ClickThrough Marketing helps the manufacturer achieve improved visibility and media coverage. 

Peugeot has been a client of ClickThrough Marketing for a few years now. Each year, our SEO and content team work with Peugeot to create and distribute online press releases to create more awareness of Peugeot’s attendance at Goodwood Festival of Speed and of the manufacturer’s offering at the festival. This year’s project has seen excellent results with overall impressions of the press releases having improved by 71% year on year.

"We’re really pleased with the results that we’ve seen grow year on year by working with ClickThrough to optimise our web content and press releases around one of the most important calendar dates of the year for us – the Goodwood Festival of Speed. We saw another fantastic result in 2015 and will continue to work with ClickThrough to build on this success."

Zoe Macleay
Digital and Social Media Manager, Peugeot

The Brief

Peugeot asked ClickThrough Marketing to create more awareness of the brand’s involvement at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which took place 25-28 June, 2015, and to extend the reach of press releases that we create. We were also asked to fully optimise content on Peugeot’s Goodwood Festival of Speed landing page using up to date and highly searched for keywords, so that Peugeot would dominate the SERPs for particular keywords around the same time as the festival.

The Strategy

Press releases have had an important role to play in organic search tactics since the roll out of Panda and Penguin. Both algorithms favour quality content and connections, and press releases provide plenty of opportunity to create both. Complement this with an optimised landing page and your organic rankings should increase.

The aim with any public relations activity is to get the right message to the right audience at the right time. Well written and optimised press releases will help you deliver natural links from multiple sources, with high-quality, authoritative sources presenting real gains in terms of backlinks and brand association.

Our team of content specialists worked closely with the Peugeot marketing team to craft four press releases to provide plenty of opportunities for keyword linking and brand recognition, helping to further elevate Peugeot’s online reputation.

These press releases were then distributed at timely intervals both ahead of the Goodwood Festival of Speed and throughout the festival. Sites with high domain authority that hosted the press releases included,,,, and

The Execution

To create four press releases detailing Peugeot’s involvement at the festival, which were ideal for press coverage and enhanced for SEO purposes. To then distribute the press releases so that awareness of Peugeot’s attendance at the festival would see a significant increase, while creating further brand awareness.

The press releases were:

Peugeot press release table

We also optimised the content on Peugeot’s Goodwood Festival of Speed landing page ahead of the event. Our SEO activities here saw a 30% increase in total page views from 1,627 in 2014 to 2,106 in 2015.

Peugeot page view graph

The Results

We have been working with Peugeot to promote the brand’s attendance at Goodwood Festival of Speed since 2012. We have seen consistent, year on year improvements, with our 2015 activities showing the best results so far.

Total headline impressions across all four of the press releases created amounted to 380,333 compared to 222,226 the previous year. Total full release reads amounted to 7,223. Overall impressions improved YoY by 71%.

Organic traffic to the Peugeot Goodwood Festival of Speed landing page saw a 30% improvement YoY. The landing page featured on first page of result for term “Goodwood Festival of Speed” through the duration of the festival.

This year’s PR project for Peugeot has seen great success and the SEO and content team at ClickThrough couldn’t be happier with this year’s results.

ClickThrough’s SEO Account Manager, Beth Rimmer, said:

"It’s been great to see such amazing results from our work on the Goodwood Festival of Speed PR project for Peugeot. The year-on-year improvements on traffic and visibility show our hard work has paid off and we’re already looking forward to 2016’s festival, with targets to beat the fantastic results of this year."