Craghoppers Achieve 45% Rise In Revenue With Amazon marketing services

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We helped Craghoppers achieve a 45% increase in revenue by deploying an Amazon Marketing Services strategy. Find out more.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) offers a large opportunity to grow your revenue and awareness

We recently helped Craghoppers by successfully implementing an Amazon Marketing Services strategy to achieve the following results: 

  • 45% rise in revenue
  • 30% growth in ROI

"ClickThrough has successfully taken on management of our AMS campaigns and in a short space of time have driven a significant increase in sales. They have done this using their expertise and knowledge of the Amazon market place." - Alex Wall, eCommerce Executive, Craghoppers

AMS is often seen as time consuming and a complicated platform to manage, however it can have significant returns when managed effectively.

Here are some top tips on how to get the most from your AMS campaigns:

  • Implement best practice account structure, splitting brands versa generic
  • Regular monitoring of search queries is needed
  • Pick ASINs with the most reviews and highest star ratings (91% would not consider purchasing if a product has less than three stars)
  • Create a good quality store page
  • Create specific content for Amazon product pages.