PPC generates 351% rise in online tyre sales for Halfords Autocentres

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Learn how we used PPC marketing to build brand awareness for Halfords and drive new business traffic, educating customers and converting more sales.

ClickThrough devised a PPC campaign to decrease cost per lead and increase conversions.

BRIEF: Increase traffic, tyre bookings, conversion rate; decrease cost per booking
TARGETS: Decrease the cost per lead by 10%
OUTCOME: 351% increase in PPC sales, 59% increase in conversions, cost per lead reduced by 22%

The Client

ClickThrough Marketing started working with Nationwide Autocentres in December 2008. In January 2010, it was bought out and transformed into Halfords Autocentres. Whilst Halfords was well-known primarily for selling car parts and bicycles, it was important to build brand awareness of its new services following the acquisition. As the business changed, so did its priorities, and ClickThrough was asked to begin work on a paid ad campaign for Halfords Autocentres’ new ‘tyres’ services.

The Challenge

The main aim was to raise awareness of Halfords Autocentres, educate consumers about available tyre services, and highlight competitively-priced services, such as tyre checks and replacements, to drive traffic and conversions.

The Strategy

Halfords already has an incredibly strong brand: the key was educating the public about the new services offered by Halfords Autocentres. Pay per click marketing felt like the obvious choice to drive new business and traffic which would, ultimately, convert to sales. After thoroughly researching industry keywords, we devised a number of dedicated manufacturer landing pages, so traffic relating to Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop and other recognised brands brought visitors to a useful, dedicated Halfords Autocentres landing page about these branded products.

The Result

Through close, careful management, ClickThrough has continually improved the performance of Halfords Autocentres’ paid search campaign for tyres. Our team of experts employed industry-leading bid management software to ensure the campaign was consistently profitable, bringing down the client’s cost per lead whilst increasing conversion and sales.

“ClickThrough Marketing’s thorough approach to research meant they were able to identify which phrases and keywords would improve our visibility and conversions, and they have managed our PPC campaign so it remains effective and profitable.

“Halfords Autocentres has become a real online success story. ClickThrough’s expertise has helped increase PPC sales on tyres by more than 350% in just 12 months – that is truly extraordinary.”

Martin Barber
Product Marketing Manager, Halfords Autocentres