Snapshot: ten top keywords secured for citizenship by descent campaign

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Unlock organic web traffic with our optimised landing page content. Addressing citizenship requirements and FAQs, we achieved impressive keyword rankings.

The Challenge

Our client in the global citizenship space has always found it challenging to rank effectively in their industry and has historically never seen huge amounts of organic web traffic.

With growing numbers of residency and investment programmes at risk due to government crackdowns on ‘golden visa’ schemes, our client wanted to expand their service offering to include Citizenship by Descent – to diversify and expand its revenue stream. This is a new service for our client, so the plan was for it to initially launch with five countries - with new territories to be added to the service over the next 12 months. The aim was to ensure the pages have maximum visibility in the US to drive sessions, enquiries and leads. Poland was one of our initial focus areas.

The Strategy

We created optimised landing page content for the initial launch programme landing pages. This involved taking complex information from programme notes and translating it into snappy content that would be easy to understand for people outside of the investment banking world (the audience our client's Citizenship by Investment programmes had typically appealed to). We optimised the pages with relevant keywords and ensured any additional questions around citizenship requirements were clearly answered in FAQs.

The Results

Our initial results in the first thirty days of performance were promising – we had received 155% more sessions than the second-most-visited URL. In addition, we achieved impressive keyword rankings, achieving 17 top three placements, ten of which are in position one!

Citizenship by Descent Figures - 06.07.2023

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Photo by Maksym Harbar on Unsplash