Snapshot: Content and PPC join forces to secure 38.1% increase in CTR

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What happens when content specialists write your ad copy? Up to a 38.1% CTR increase! Learn more about what our integrated approach achieved for two of our clients.

Snapshot: Content and PPC join forces to secure 38.1% increase in CTR

It seems like a no-brainer that content specialists should have a hand in creating paid media ad copy. However, not all brands have the advantage of working with integrated marketing teams that can seamlessly make this happen.

For this snapshot case study, we’re looking at how our content and paid search teams joined forces, to ensure the ads for two of our clients (in very different sectors) were not only reaching the top of the SERPs, but were engaging, relevant, and sophisticated.


The challenge

For Woolroom, an industry leader within the mattress and sleep sector, we had just restructured our non-brand search campaigns into a mirrored approach, layering on audience segments to target new and existing users separately.

From a messaging perspective, we had previously not been able to leverage tailored ad copy to speak to users at various stages of the funnel. This meant our ad copy approach was not sophisticated enough to use across both phases of our new campaign coverage.

Meanwhile, for Student Roost, a nationwide student accommodation provider, we’d already been using a collaborative focus between organic and paid search to use our media budget across key cities strategically. However, our ad copy was streamlined and could be improved with a tailored approach for each individual city/region. Though we had engagement data for each location-specific campaign, the challenge was to dissect this and leverage it into engaging copy.

The solution

In the case of Woolroom, the content team reached out to offer support in drafting up some new ad copy variations, built for the purpose of driving engagement across the two subsections of our client’s audience. The plan was to utilise brand awareness-focused copy to target new users, along with sales-focused copy for users familiar with the brand. This resulted in some brilliant initial results and is a strategy we still leverage today.

Following success with Woolroom, our Paid Search specialists working with Student Roost approached the content team to support with the tone of voice in the paid media ads, and for them to bring their expertise from writing the on-site copy to help engage users. The content team worked through the priority cities first, mirroring the tone of voice used on the city-specific landing pages and ensuring our strongest USPs were visible in the headlines.

Our results

After implementing these changes we saw a rapid increase in click-through rate week on week, achieving a 12.6% increase for Woolroom.

Our results for Student Roost went even further as, from our content-optimised ad copy, we immediately saw a month-on-month uplift of 38.1% in CTR

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Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash