Google AdWords Webinar Success

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Last week, Ian Boyden hosted our Google AdWords webinar. Find out more about the topics discussed.


Our Head of Digital Paid Media Ian Boyden hosted a Google AdWords webinar on Wednesday 15th November.

This live session explored how to avoid slips or trips at work with Google AdWords, and how to get the most out of your account.

Topics discussed include:

  • Default campaign settings and how important it is to check these
  • How to ensure you don’t waste spend on the GDN
  • Checking incorrect landing pages
  • Number of keywords per ad group
  • Negative keywords and their value
  • Common errors with ad creatives

A member of the audience commented: “some good, clear advice to improve PPC campaigns.

Feedback given on the polls during the webinar showed some people were not checking their accounts for potential 404 landing pages as often as we would advise. Ian then talked about the implications of this, and the process we go through to check this.

The attendees also answered an online poll telling us that they have on average 6-10 keywords per ad group, which is in line with Ian’s guidance.

Our next live session, and final webinar of the year covering SEO updates, will take place on Thursday 30th November at 9:30am. It’s a great opportunity to become an SEO superhero.

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