Blogging Strategy Sparks Big Sales for Gtech

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ClickThrough increased Gtech's traffic and conversions by revitalising the website’s blog with an seo focused content marketing strategy.

Impressive results from a conversion-focused blogging strategy

ClickThrough Marketing worked with floor care innovators Gtech to create a conversion-focused blogging strategy. The results were impressive, with Gtech seeing a revenue uplift of more than 6,000% from blog traffic. Read on to find out how we did it…

The Challenge

Gtech is a British manufacturer of cordless vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers and garden tools. The company has seen great success in recent years, fostering a reputation for innovative and user-friendly product design that helped it become the UK’s fastest-growing floor care brand in 2013. (Source: GfK.)

ClickThrough Marketing has been assisting Gtech with its digital marketing strategy since the beginning of 2013. After managing a website redesign and creating search engine optimised content for Gtech’s main product landing pages, ClickThrough identified a new opportunity to increase traffic and conversions by revitalising the website’s blog.

Until this point, Gtech’s blog had been used for product announcements and press releases, but was otherwise underused. ClickThrough revitalised the content marketing strategy with a steady stream of conversion-focussed posts, turning the fledging blog into a direct conduit to reach new and existing customers.

The Strategy

ClickThrough worked with Gtech to develop a new voice for its blog.

The new blogs would be written with customers in mind, adopting a friendly, conversational tone of voice focusing on Gtech’s products, but with content tied to topical events and interesting issues.

An example of Gtech's blog.

ClickThrough’s aim was to improve customer engagement and traffic, whilst providing a clear route to conversion for customers. The blogs would also provide SEO benefits – they would be peppered with long-tail SEO keywords to improve Gtech’s search visibility, and help to bolster its website’s internal links.

Gtech’s marketing staff played a key role in the process, agreeing topics and titles with ClickThrough’s copywriters, and signing off content to guarantee adherence to its tone of voice and overall marketing strategy.

View some examples:

The Results

Gtech’s blogs saw a steady but significant rise in organic traffic, as the blogs began to ‘bed in’ to search engine results.

Gtech blog sessions December to September

When we compare the first three months of blogging activity to the most recent three months of activity, we can see the following results (measuring all traffic):

  • A steady supply of unique, engaging, keyworded content helped Gtech get a 671% rise in blog traffic.
  • Gtech saw a revenue uplift of 6,204%, based on last-click conversions attributable to blog traffic.

What Gtech Had to Say

"As well as chipping in with sales, the really crucial job the blog has done for us is to diversity the content of the site and keep it ticking over. We’ll be doing more next year.”

David Butlin
Head of Direct Marketing, Gtech