Product listing categories - unique descriptions for WWRD UK

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After Google Panda update, unique, fresh content for online product listings is essential. Menu categories must be optimised with the right keywords for Google.

ClickThrough created new product category descriptions to improve WWRD’s content

BRIEF: Create unique product listing category descriptions, with new keywords, across the whole site
TARGETS: Brand and product organic rankings, keyword optimisation
OUTCOME: More than 170 new sections of keyword-rich, quality content

The Client

The client Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton (WWRD) has produced the finest crystal and china homeware in the world for almost two centuries.

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The Challenge

WWRD’s UK website was in need of attention, as most of the product listing categories were too short, lacking keywords, or duplicated on the US site. After the Google Panda update, WWRD needed to create unique, fresh content for its UK site. Each menu category needed to be optimised with the right keywords to get WWRD noticed by searchers and Google.

The Strategy

ClickThrough thoroughly researched WWRD’s product catalogue, as well as its associations with leading designers such as John Rocha and Jasper Conran, prior to commencing work. Our unique Keyword ROI database informed our choice of SEO keywords for each product listing category, by clearly showing what would work for WWRD and its customers. Using this thorough research, our content team produced around 250 words of keyword-rich content for each of WWRD’s product listing categories, focussing on key items, such as collections of wine glasses, bowls and centrepieces, as well as designer crystal and glassware. By understanding WWRD’s products, we were able to bring the ethos of the designs to life, with best practice SEO content ensuring WWRD’s collections spoke to search engines as well as customers.

The Result

WWRD UK now has high quality SEO content on each of its product listing categories and menu subsections on its website, which has helped it to meet best practice SEO recommendations and improve its visibility in search.

“Historically, Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton (WWRD) are synonymous with the finest crystal, china and homeware products – but our UK website needed top quality category descriptions to reflect this. We wanted to ensure the global reputation WWRD has established, over centuries of commitment to quality craftsmanship, was maintained in the modern era of the Internet.

“ClickThrough’s product listing category content encapsulated the sophistication of our elegant designs, with well-researched content that was perfect for our customers, and great for SEO.”

Chloe Challinor, eCommerce merchandising manager, Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton