ClickThrough and Woolroom break records with integrated Black Friday strategy

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How do you follow a record-breaking Black Friday event? After raising the bar in 2021, our marketing specialists turned to tighter integration and a dedicated pre-event campaign to elevate our strategy.

After achieving a record-breaking 8.7% growth in Black Friday revenue for our client, Woolroom, in 2021, we looked towards tighter integration with an additional focus on educating new customers about Woolroom’s unique products for our 2022 Black Friday campaign.

What had changed since 2021?

Not only had we set a strong standard to meet with our 2021 performance, but 2022 saw extenuating circumstances that had impacted year-round performance or were set to affect the Black Friday event;

  • Cost of living crisis and recession,
  • Conflict in Ukraine, and falling consumer confidence,
  • FIFA World Cup coinciding with the Black Friday event.

The Solution

Our approach for 2022 was to help customers find, compare, and ultimately choose the right product for them, while in the research phase. We placed a large focus on this nurturing phase in the build up to the main Black Friday event.

Our specialists also looked to elevated levels of integration in their approach. Each of our channels were working towards a common goal and had defined roles to play in educating potential Woolroom customers and helping them buy their perfect product.


Pre-Black Friday Acquisition Page

Our strategy began with a pre-Black Friday acquisition page, designed to build brand awareness among a new audience and drive new traffic to retarget later. Budgets and activities were focussed on reaching new audiences, ensuring our pool of potential customers was widened ahead of the main event.

Developed and built product comparison pages in the top categories which showed the most potential to win Black Friday profits, with an easy-buy function.

On-page content was tailored to helping shoppers make the best decisions and choose the most relevant product for them.

Woolroom Case Study - Black Friday - Recommends - 04.09.2023

Paid Media
Paid social and display budgets were also directed to awareness campaigns in the build-up to the sale.


In the events that users didn’t purchase, a key aspect of the comparison phase had been firmly ticked off, in preparation for customers making large purchases later, on Black Friday itself.

Black Friday Sale Page

Though we’d got brilliant results from our Black Friday pages in 2021, we believed that looking at the data would help us identify further improvements across all channels.

Used this analysis from 2021’s campaign to draw up new designs, putting them through our offline and online testing approach, to gain as much actionable feedback as possible.

Completed core SEO tech checks to identify any barriers to success and ensure Woolroom’s site was technically sound.

Ensured all on-page and paid media ad copy was aligned, and highlighted Woolroom’s USPs.

Woolroom Case Study - Black Friday - Shop Black Friday - 04.09.2023

Paid Media
PPC brand traffic was then redirected to the Black Friday-specific landing page.


New Black Friday Category Pages

Our final stage in Black Friday page development focussed on building new, Black Friday-specific category pages. These pages were fully conversion-focussed, from amendments to UX, to the content itself.

Our CRO specialists included features such as;
  • Product cards, outlining each product range’s USPs,
  • Comparison tables, allowing users to compare specifications,
  • Minimal hero areas, reducing distraction and letting users jump straight into comparison features.
Content-wise, we continued to highlight key differences between products so decisions could be made quickly, and customers moved swiftly down the funnel.
Paid Media
We pushed PPC traffic to the most relevant product page through a mixture of product, category and Black Friday terms, as well as testing different types of assets through Performance Max.


Black Friday was also our first opportunity to test our FOMO campaign – capitalising on consumers’ fear of missing out on deals and offers in order to encourage them to purchase. These included;

  • A sitewide timer,
  • Product page times and savings messages,
  • Basket savings messages.

Woolroom Case Study - Black Friday - FOMO - 04.09.2023

We continued this throughout Woolroom’s winter sale event, a campaign we’ve covered in greater detail in a previous case study.


BF 2022 – Results

With our integrated approach we exceeded our Black Friday performance from 2021;

  • Finishing 5% over our sales target, while working well under the spend budget
  • November revenue as a whole finishing +7.62% year on year,
  • CVR +65% year on year
  • US CVR +36% YoY

Woolroom Case Study - Black Friday - Figures - 04.09.2023


What our client said

A real close-knit approach to all channels meant we experienced a staggering increase in conversion rates, and ultimately exceeded last year’s Black Friday performance. No easy feat when in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis and a nationwide decline in customer confidence!

- Adam Hirst, Head of Digital, Woolroom

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