How leveraging FOMO led to 16.80% more revenue for one homeware client

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Find out how ClickThrough’s CRO team secured a potential 16.80% increase in yearly revenue for our homeware and furniture client.

The challenge

Looking back to Black Friday, our CRO, media, and organic teams had secured 7.62% more revenue, from a 65% higher conversion rate for one of our long-standing clients, who operate within the sleep and homeware sector. This was achieved with a conversion-centric, integrated strategy that ensured our paid and organic search teams were optimising for high-value audiences and keywords, while the site itself was fully prepped to channel these users down the conversion funnel.

As our Black Friday achievements were the result of an integrated, conversion-centric approach, we wanted to refine this further by ensuring our client's site was conversion-ready and set up for future integrated campaign success. Our challenge was to build on this performance within our CRO strategy to ensure we were establishing new best practices to use both year-round and within future event campaigns.

The solution

Looking back at the success of Black Friday, our CRO team wanted to tap into the idea of FOMO to encourage sales and conversions during our client's winter sale, engaging with the fear of missing out to guide potential customers through to purchase.

Working on both the US and UK sites, our CRO specialists developed three elements to test.

  • Basket FOMO messaging – the first experiment sat within the basket itself. Aiming to target basket-abandoners, we added a banner to highlight the savings the user would be making if they checked out. Prior to this, the full price wasn’t displayed prominently, so potential customers weren’t being effectively reminded of what a great deal they were getting.

  • Product FOMO messaging and a countdown timer – our next test took place on the product pages themselves. Though there was already a clear indicator of how big the saving on each item was, our CRO specialists took this to the next level. In addition to the savings banner, we added in a countdown timer to show just how long (or little!) was left for customers to secure this deal.

  • Sitewide timer (UK only) – finally, we trialled rolling the countdown timer out across the full UK, ensuring there was a visible reminder of this time limit across all key buying pages. The idea being that this would become more compelling as the clock ticked down.

Our client was so on board with our plans and designs, that they were keen to roll out some of these variations site wide straight away. However, despite being confident these tweaks would deliver, we stayed true to our Data-led Design approach and let our tests run for 8 days to confirm our hypothesis and collect evidence ahead of a full rollout.

The results

Following our 8-day testing period, we were pleased to see our tests land successfully on both our UK and US sites. Our Product FOMO and timer secured 11.68% more conversions for the UK market, along with 16.32% for US customers. Meanwhile, our Basket FOMO Messaging saw increases of 4.92% in the UK and a huge 34.10% in the US.

Homeware Case Study Results - April 2023

As the US is a harder market, with a more competitive client base, we were particularly pleased to see our best results come from across the pond!

From our UK sitewide timer test, we also saw a 0.4% improvement from our control variant. Not only did we increase conversions, but we saw an increase in average order value on all three of our winter sale tests.

Our changes also secured an increase in the average order value to 8.41% higher than the control. Moving ahead with all three tests rolled out at 100% could lead to a potential overall revenue uplift of 16.80% over just 30 days, and puts our client in a strong starting position approaching any sales periods later in the year.

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