How are Outdoor Clothing brands building their social media presence?

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Which outdoor clothing retailers are conquering social media? We review which brands are striding ahead with their social content.

Rob Allen, Clothing & Fashion Specialist

As part of our deep dive into outdoor clothing and leisure retailers, we had a delve into social content performance. With organic site performance only pulling its weight when it comes to getting users from SERP to site, social media is a lucrative way to expand brand reach and ensure potential customers find you in their natural (digital) habitats.


Which outdoor clothing retailers have conquered social media?

Social campaigns are a great opportunity to collaborate with other brands. Ellis Brigham have seen fantastic result with their 'Adventure with Klarna' launch page with the posts announcing the partnership;

ellis brigham klarna

Launching competitions requiring post interaction, as Ellis Brigham did, is a good way to boost the visibility of posts and reach new audiences. In this case, it secured the brand 4,000 total Facebook engagements, along with potentially new long-term customers.

Patagonia - vjosa river

Patagonia’s video about the Vjosa river has had great traction on Twitter with 864 shares across all posts. Interesting content like this, which doesn’t necessarily solely focus on your brand's products but speaks to your ideal consumers' interests, is more likely to win shares and build a positive brand image.


Relevant, timely content pushed out in a curated and creative manner needn’t be onerous. Just plan well and in advance, know your audience and know your goals. It will happen with patience and tenacity.


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