Which outdoor clothing brands are climbing high with their organic visibility?

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With lockdown bringing forth a new wave of outdoor enthusiasts, which outdoor clothing and leisure brands are best poised to gain traffic?

Rob Allen, Clothing & Fashion Specialist

Outdoor clothing brands were lucky enough to see a boom over Covid-19, thanks to outdoor activities being one of the only leisure activities we were allowed to do! Brands such as Trespass, Go Outdoors, and Ellis Brigham  found new fans in those of us taking up new outdoor activities in 2020, with many of us continuing these long after lockdowns have ended.

But which outdoor clothing brands are using digital advertising to capture this new audience? We took a dive into the digital performance of some of the big-name brands to see who is striding ahead when it comes to being active online.


Which outdoor clothing brand has the best visibility?

Desktop Organic Visibility

Go Outdoors are smashing their desktop visibility scores, so a big congratulations is owed to their SEO and content team! They have superb organic visibility with a SEMRush visibility score of 3.4m, meaning their search volume x CTR is 2 million higher than their closest competitor, Cotswold Outdoor. For other brands, such as Blacks, Patagonia, Millets, Alpine Trek and Ellis Brigham, the race is much tighter, particularly when it comes to those with more niche, specialist areas within outdoor sports.

Go Outdoors may have the highest proportion of visibility from stocking a larger range of brands and products, amassing them more views across a high volume of keywords. They may simply have better-optimised content, a larger blog, or a wider range of content assets to attract broader synonym keyword visibility.

However, with only Cotswold Outdoor, Trespass, Snow & Rock, Tog 24, and Mammut showing improvements in visibility YoY, all other brands must ensure they don’t lose any more ground when it comes to organic visibility, particularly in such a tight race.


What can brands do to improve online visibility?

Mammut, who is new to exporting in the UK so will naturally have lower visibility, is one of the five brands to show an improvement YoY, but there is still potential to improve and make gains on competitors in the space.

The best way to build organic visibility is to know your competition! With Go Outdoors performing so well, we'd suggest Mammut, and indeed the other competitors, look at their keyword strategy to find what exactly Go Outdoors are ranking for, what content is doing well in their own target areas, and build a competitive content strategy tailored to knocking them off the top spot.


While it may be that some of these brands are simply more specialist, high-end, or cater to a smaller group of consumers, it is still best practice to identify areas where there is crossover and create a plan of action accordingly. Otherwise, looking toward a close competitor will help provide a workable strategy that helps climb the visibility rankings.


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Blog article photo by Dario Brönnimann on Unsplash

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