ClickThrough achieve 118% uplift in revenue for eCommerce client in Irish market

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How did ClickThrough help an international eCommerce jewellery brand stay competitive in the Irish market? Read more in our latest case study

The challenge

As many retailers expected, though we’re now three years into a post-EU UK, Brexit is still impacting many businesses who want and need to trade in the European Union. This is particularly felt in businesses which have a close relationship with Ireland, our closest neighbours both geographically and (arguably) culturally.

For many UK exporters shipping from UK warehouses, driving sales in international markets has been hampered by customs duties levied on customers, delays at ports and excess export documentation. This has naturally introduced a hesitancy from consumers to purchase from UK based e-tailers, fearing high delivery costs and times, along with customs duties, even where we share a land border!

The Solution

To tackle the struggles one of our clients was having in maintaining performance in the Irish market, we looked to Google’s recently launched Performance Max campaigns, something we’d seen success in for Renault in the challenging, automotive sector. For our international eCommerce client, we took learnings from the performance of the campaigns, in order to narrow down the products targeted by focusing on the most price-competitive and retailer-exclusive products from the wide range. We used website visitor data and tightly focused keyword-themed audience signals to improve performance, coupled with taking the best-performing ad content from tests run on the search network.

Dynamic Search ads was the second tool we utilised to improve results, restructuring the campaigns to focus on sub-product category pages from the top performing product categories. We tested new ads and kept a close eye on any search trends that could negatively impact our performance, so we could strategically exclude pages and keywords from the campaigns that could derail our return on investment.

Finally, aligning with Google’s re-focus on moving match types away from Exact and Phrase to Broad, was our third key action in our strategy. This has played well into Google’s algorithmic changes, to secure higher search visibility and better performance against competitors.

The Results

Our three strategies each secured increases, both YoY and compared to our BAU performance.


  • Performance Max secured a +118% increase in revenue and an ROI 111% higher than our regular campaigns
  • Through our careful use of Dynamic Search ads, we achieved a 179% increase in revenue YoY despite a 20% reduction in cost
  • Moving to Broad match types secured a 26% YoY uplift in search revenue compared to using Exact and Phrase match.

Ultimately, we saw a +89% lift in ROI for our full campaign


Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels