Paid social Love Island TV sync secures a 109% increase in conversions for DHL

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How did our paid social team jump on the Love Island hype for DHL? Learn how we achieved a 109% conversion uplift with our TV sync campaign.

The Challenge

DHL’s current targeting towards competitors and small businesses had become stagnant following a number of low-converting months. This was down to incremental, but necessary, price increases throughout the year that had had a knock-on impact on sales levels.

The slow performance had been noted by our Paid Social team and was also reflected in DHL’s organic performance too.

The Solution

DHL had produced some brilliant creative based around shopping and shipping pre-loved items. Following the announcement that Love Island were ditching their previous sponsor of ‘ISAWITFIRST’, and moving to promote pre-loved clothing through a partnership with eBay, we recommended running a TV sync campaign to align with this creative. This would ensure our ads were showing to consumers already engaged with and thinking about refreshing their wardrobe with pre-loved clothing.

With Love Island showing six nights a week for eight weeks, this provided plenty of opportunity to market to an engaged, social-media savvy audience, who’s interest in pre-loved clothing would be likely to grow over the show’s duration. We partnered this strategy with some imaginative copy and saw immense growth in the number of conversions DHL were now achieving, along with a healthy decrease in CPA to boot!

The Results

Overall, our Love Island TV sync campaign for DHL achieved;

  • 109% increase in conversions month on month
  • 54% decrease in CPA month on month

109 percent more conversions 54 percent lower CPA

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