Snapshot: How Performance Max increased conversion rate by 137% in a low population market

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When one of our clients in the industrial sector needed to improve leads in a low-population territory, our international team turned to Performance Max to improve conversion rates.

How can brands make the most of limited markets? When trading in low-population territories, brands rely on agile marketing solutions that maximise conversions with the audience they have available.

When one of our clients in the industrial sector needed to improve leads in Sweden, a low-population territory (compared to their other target markets), our international team turned to Google’s Performance Max to improve engagement and conversions.

The challenge

Challenges like this are where our goal of maximising returns on our clients’ current budgets and resources really shines. While reach and impressions were performing well, based on the population at hand, there was a lower propensity to convert, making it imperative to identify the strongest opportunities to maximise conversion rate and reach commercial targets.

The solution

After the success of Performance Max campaigns with other clients, we looked to this dynamic campaign type to help improve paid search conversions.

We took the best-performing headlines and descriptions from the testing we have carried out with the standard paid search campaigns and combined these with a combination of standalone product images, along with images of the products in use, to showcase our client’s top product categories.

With Performance Max’s machine learning element, it was able to deliver the most effective creatives to the most relevant audiences, efficiently targeting users through YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps.

The results

As expected, Performance Max campaigns had a strong impact on conversions, generating 59% of the total leads for paid search activity. The CPC for Performance Max activity was 66% lower than the search ad campaigns, which enabled us to drive a higher volume of traffic to the site for the same budget, giving us a greater opportunity to convert.

After adding Performance Max to the mix, our Paid Search campaigns saw some brilliant YoY results in 2022:

Aggreko International Figures

Form fills are also up by 73% across all channels YoY year to date and 133% on paid search. The PMAX campaign drove 21% of the total conversions, showing the benefit of having the campaign in place to complement other activity.

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Photo by NFT CAR GIRL on Unsplash