ClickThrough secure 76% increase in conversions for Hughes Safety Showers

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Find out how our PPC experts achieved a 76% increase in conversions from an extremely niche audience for Hughes Safety Showers. Learn more in our case study.

ClickThrough have been working with Hughes Safety Showers, to improve their visibility and increase conversions within their B2B paid search strategy. Hughes Safety Showers provide specialist decontamination equipment, such as showers and eye washes, for sites requiring workers to interact with chemicals. Naturally, this is a niche (yet essential!) product that requires specialist targeting and careful consideration, to ensure Hughes' ads are being seen by right profile businesses.

The Challenge

Through the first quarter of 2022, we began to see a plateau in the conversion volume that was being driven through paid search, along with poorer year-on-year performance. This was likely down to external factors (that many businesses were also suffering from), but it was imperative we had a strong and thorough B2B marketing plan going forwards and were trying new things to tackle these challenges for Hughes head-on.

We needed to deliver stronger results heading into Q2 and identify opportunities to grow volume at an efficient rate. Hughes Safety Showers also set us the challenge to grow our presence internationally by pushing additional markets to align with their business goals, including North America and Germany.

The Solution

To guarantee we were looking at our approach with a fresh perspective, we created a new strategy which focused on best practice fundamentals, data, market growth, and testing. From laying the groundwork with a keyword cleanse, all the way to reviewing the Hughes' most up-to-date tone of voice guidelines and reflecting them within our ad copy, we ensured our ads were targeted (and speaking to) exactly the right profile customer. With the additional identification of better budget opportunities & increasing our extension usage, we ensured we had that solid baseline set for the rest of 2022.

To take our re-structure further, we used a more data-driven attribution model, coupled with integrating with our data team to review our conversion tracking. This integration ensured we were getting the most accurate picture possible of what our data was telling us and helped us see the full impact of the PPC channel.

We pushed performance in all markets we were keen to grow in, to align with business goals, optimising where needed using a more conversion-focused Smart Bidding logic to provide efficient growth.

We used Dynamic Search Ads & Performance Max to extend beyond just normal search, which helped improve our reach significantly across the Google inventory & still drive healthy conversion volume.

The Results

Year on year, our approach achieved an overall result of;

  • 46% more traffic from Paid Search
  • 76% more conversions
  • 41% lower CPA

With our success most evident across three key markets.

Case Study - Hughes Safety Showers International Market Results - 07.02.2023

Even working in a tightly niche market, we were able to think creatively and deliver on targets. Want to know how we can get your brand more conversions, without needing to increase your media cost? Get in touch with our paid search specialists.

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