A/B testing identifies 83% revenue uplift for parcel delivery brand

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Find out how our CRO experts increased annual revenue by 83% on a single page by being flexible with their testing approach.

Our organic, paid social and CRO teams have been working with a globally-recognised parcel delivery brand to improve their online visibility and ensure customers are getting a great experience on their site.

The Challenge

Our CRO team identified the need to improve our client’s parcel drop-off locator page. This is an option many customers will use as cost-friendly way to ship smaller items, and is a service also offered by many competitors. Though users could input their postcode to find their nearest drop off point, clicking these vendors would provide turn-by-turn directions, something very rarely used now most of us effectively have a satnav in our pocket!

The page also featured the ‘Get a Quote’ form in the hero area – something users weren’t necessarily looking for. Between these two restrictions, our CRO experts hypothesised that they could improve conversions by;

  1. Making the postcode locator more prominent
  2. Improving the location listings' usability.

The Solution

Our CRO team wanted to test these two hypotheses separately and created two new versions to test.

Version one tested;

  • the postcode search feature being made more prominent,
  • and the get a quote tool being moved to the bottom of the page.

The second version tested;

  • using more UX-friendly cards for locations,
  • adding the Google Maps link to locations,
  • including the locations’ What Three Words references.

We then built out two potential designs to test our hypothesis against.

Frustratingly, neither of our initial tests performed as well as we’d hoped, with one yielding a lower conversion value than our control, and the other only seeing negligible improvements.

However, the team were still committed to proving their theories. As the new page would include both of these updates (if successful), we created a third version which featured both the form and location changes.

The Results

After retesting with the combination of the two designs, the new design secured an 83% higher conversion value than the control page.

This could equate to an annual increase of £90,000 and, when combined with other tests we have worked on throughout our client’s site, contributed to a revenue uplift of £1.2m.

CRO - Parcel Delivery - Uplift Figures - 08.02.2023

Ultimately, this also helps strengthen our organic and paid campaigns for this client too, as we’re able to direct customers to a highly functional, user-friendly landing page where they can easily get the information they need on local parcel drop-off locations.


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