Snapshot: 1,050% increase in leads through programmatic display for SAAS brand

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Find out how we increased our programmatic leads for one SAAS client by 1,050%, reducing our CPA by 91%. Learn more in our programmatic display case study.

The Challenge

Display and programmatic can be a testing platform when it comes to a niche and specific product. When we first started working with our SAAS client, driving performance using programmatic display advertising was posing a challenge and, during the first month, despite driving over 700 clicks, we only generated two conversions. We needed to get the activity converting better... and fast!

The Solution

Our programmatic team worked closely with the client to learn more about the customer journey, key services, and how consumers typically interacted with them. They then used this up-to-date information to suggest both an audience and creative refresh. They tightened up audience targeting around recency, and pulled out more specific creative, CTAs, and messaging based on performance and the typical customer journey.

The Results

This simple refresh lead to our team generating 23 conversions the following month. An increase of 1,050%, along with a 91% reduction in CPA!

Programmatic Case Study Figures - 02.03.23

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