Audience targeting increases Paid Search conversions by 181% for ecommerce jeweller

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Learn how segmented audience targeting and tailored ad copy contributed to a 181% increase in revenue for an e-commerce jewellery retailer.

Audience targeting increases Paid Search conversions by 181% for ecommerce jeweller

As one of our longest standing partners, a leading national jewellery brand have plenty of well-placed trust in ClickThrough to test new developments and ideas to help reach their performance targets.

Through adjusting our paid search activity on a key product line, we achieved a 181% increase in goal conversions from only a 104% increase in spend, improving our campaign efficiency as well as total conversions achieved on paid search campaigns.

The challenge

In the latest challenge our jewellery client set for us, they wanted to get more exposure and coverage, specifically within the jewellery tools auction space within their paid search activity.

Jewellery tools is one of their best-selling categories, with the retailer stocking everything a professional or amateur jeweller should need to create high-quality products of their own. With this in mind, tools sales were a focus both within the UK and internationally, so we wanted to take action on improving their market share in this space.

The solution

We wanted to focus on how likely individual audiences were likely to convert, so we could bid higher for auctions we were more likely to see a strong return on.

The solution was to take our existing non-brand search campaign for the category and split it into three sub-campaigns segmented by audiences;

  • New visitors
  • Existing visitors
  • Basket abandoners

We used Google Analytics integration to create this segmentation, allowing us to ensure these user sets were completely accurate and that our ad and bid tailoring would be effective.

Having the three campaigns meant we were able to be a lot more strategic with our bid strategy deployment within PPC. For example, the basket abandoners audience would theoretically be more inclined to convert than a new visitor, as they have already shown some interest. On the other hand, for new visitors, we anticipated a lower conversion rate, and therefore lower return on investment. Therefore, we allocated less spend to new visitors, while pursuing a more aggressive strategy for basket abandoners.

By changing up our ad copy for each audience, could also ensure that our ads were relevant and spoke directly to SERP visitors. For example, our basket abandoners audience saw copy telling them “Don’t forget to order” while new visitors saw more generally targeted copy.

The results

In a 2 and a half month testing period for this, we were able to improve on both volume and efficiency for our activity:

  • 104% increase in spend
  • 181% increase in conversions

Looking at the data across the three user profiles, we can see a clear difference in conversion rate between the existing visitor audiences and the new visitor audience. It also highlights that most people within the auction space have interacted with the website at some point, showing their existing strength within the market and our golden opportunity to capitalise on this visibility.

Jewellery retailer segmented audience performance

Following on from the strong performance seen in the test for our client’s strongest category, we’re now expanding this onto other product categories that need more support. We’ve also started to use this same strategic approach across some of our other clients in PPC which has yielded good results so far.

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Photo by Alex Chambers on Unsplash