IP Homecare Organic Sessions Increase by a whopping 898%

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IP Homecare gave us the KPI of increasing the number of care packages serviced by 35%, alongside improving the organic performance of their website.


IP Homecare is an award-winning home care agency providing around-the-clock support to those who wish to remain living in the comfort of their own home. They are an established live-in care agency leading the way in competitively-priced care services tailored to a range of complex conditions, including Dementia, Motor Neurone Disease and Cerebral Palsy.


Prior to joining ClickThrough in 2018, IP Homecare were seeing less than 1000 organic visits every month. The main issues identified were:

  • Lack of brand awareness
  • Low visibility on key terms within organic search
  • Technical issues from an SEO perspective

IP Homecare gave us the KPI of increasing the number of care packages serviced by 35%, alongside improving the organic performance of their website. In 2019, we achieved an increase of 85% care packages serviced and a 160% YoY increase in organic visibility. Our objective for 2020 was to turn our undivided attention towards nurturing this organic growth. So, we switched the target to increase organic sessions by 85% compared to 2019.


As with many businesses during the testing times of 2020, we had to ensure that IP Homecare’s SEO strategy was both adaptable and durable enough to minimise any traffic loss brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic.

We continued to provide users with high quality, authoritative content dealing with sensitive and difficult subjects, alongside focusing on creating and optimising location pages, technical SEO fixes and backlink growth strategies.

Using the increased authority of the website (by January 2020, organic visibility had increased YoY by 317%), combined with advanced technical SEO work, organic sessions have so far increased by 250% YoY. Below are some of the methods used to achieve these results.

  • Building Authoritative Content – Often dealing with sensitive topics such as Dementia and Muscular Dystrophy, the content we produce continues to show IP Homecare as a source of useful, reliable information, and has been at the forefront of our strategy.
  • Blog Audit – To further cement expertise, the blog section of the site was audited. This meant ensuring that blog posts currently on the site were relevant, and where possible merging two similar blogs to create a single, richer blog post. This reduced keyword cannibalisation and increased link strength.
  • Advanced Technical SEO – As well as ensuring the site was technically healthy, we conducted regular log file analyses. This work allowed us to investigate the way in which Google and other search engines crawled the website, ensuring that the most important pages were being crawled.
  • Universal Results Analysis – Universal presence is becoming ever-more important, with many types of results being shown on the Search Engine Results Pages. For websites in the care sector, such as IP Homecare, two rich snippets stood out as being the most relevant – People Also Ask and Quick Answers. We identified expertise opportunities IP Homecare could capitalise on, and then created content that would allow them to target more universal results. This, combined with structured data, means that IP Homecare now rank for more of these rich snippets than ever.


By ensuring that IP Homecare had a website in full technical health and that provided the content that answered our user’s most important questions, IP Homecare were able to make the most of the search traffic available, minimising any negative impact on search volume from nationwide lockdowns and allowing search traffic to recover and indeed exceed start-of-year performance. What’s more, a focus on gaining rich snippets supercharged results, with August 2020 driving 898% more organic sessions than August 2019.

  • 345% YoY increase in organic visibility in August 2020
  • 898% YoY increase in organic sessions in August 2020
  • 250% YoY increase in organic sessions in 2020 YTD
  • 58% increase in care packages sold in 2019

“We have been extremely satisfied with ClickThrough and they have surpassed our expectations. Most importantly, they obtained results, and that is an undeniable measure. We would be happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve their search engine marketing” Melanie Geldard, Marketing Director, IP Homecare.