Otty spring forward with over 350% return on their investment

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Otty turned to ClickThrough to improve their conversion rate, user experience and number of ecommerce purchases. We recommended they use Data-Led Design.


Otty manufacture award-winning hybrid mattresses, combining both spring and foam for optimum levels of comfort. They also offer packages of complementary products designed to provide the ultimate sleep experience for all their customers.

The Objective

Otty turned to ClickThrough to help improve their conversion rate, user experience and number of ecommerce purchases.

The Strategy

ClickThrough recommended they use Data-Led Design. This is a new approach to conversion rate optimisation which uses offline tests to validate designs before they are tested using live website traffic to boost their User Experience, conversion rate and sales.

By conducting thorough research and website analysis we created a CRO strategy encompassing a key focus on product configuration and the primary conversion funnel. We also looked at improving the shopping cart experience and optimising timely promotional pages using Data-Led Design.

Our first task involved establishing the key issues with the Otty website user experience, followed by the identification of quick wins and design changes to impact conversion rate positively. This helped us to identify our approach and narrow down our focus.

Improve Product Configurator

  • Using visual intelligence tools and analytical data we found the product configurator was not performing well. Quick wins were identified to correct this.
  • We made the product selections and ‘add to cart’ function clearer and more user friendly.
  • Following A/B testing we conducted Data-led Design on the mobile and desktop versions
  • Using all our findings we further optimised and evolved the design which was A/B tested for a further 4 weeks.

Increase Shopping Cart Conversions

  • We wanted to exploit the increased traffic volumes to the shopping cart.
  • Using Data-led Design we improved user experience and increased transactions. This was A/B tested for 5 weeks.

Improve Performance of Promotions

  • Promotions are an asset to e-commerce companies and displaying promotions in the correct way can affect performance.
  • Capitalising on the other site improvements that were made, we implemented quick-win and Data-led Design testing on promotions OTTY were running for Black Friday.
  • We aimed to increase engagement and transactions during the promotion period and to test if optimised design would perform well.
  • We altered the positioning, display and wording of the promotions whilst the changes made from user feedback and visual intelligence from the DLD testing proved the optimised design worked well. This was A/B tested for 4 weeks.

Enhance Home Page

  • Utilising all of the assets previously tested, we moved key high-performing elements, specifically the products cards, to the home and bundles pages.
  • This quick win was A/B tested for 2 weeks.

The Outcome

The testing, changes and subsequent design improvements we implemented exceeded expectations proving to be extremely successful. Over the seven months of testing Otty's costs were covered within 5 weeks, with a return on investment figure of over 350%*.

What’s more, by October 2020, OTTY’s year-on-year conversion rate had increased by 73% - sitting at 1.49% in comparison to last year’s 0.86%.

*based on AOV for the site at the time of testing, each variation was shown to 50% of traffic with all additional revenue being calculated from orders placed on variation pages.

Quote from Client
Right from the start, CTM have been very proactive in planning a strategy around optimising the site to improve conversion performance. Having the design led testing first has meant that variant tests have won out almost every time which has resulted in a great set of improvements to date. I would be happy to recommend the CRO team if you are looking to generate better conversion rates Andrew Jacobs,Otty.