Nixplay Achieve Increases in Conversions And ROAS Over Black Friday

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Read about how we helped Wi-Fi Cloud digital frame company Nixplay achieve increases in conversions and ROAS during Black Friday 2018.

November is a peak period for Nixplay due to surges in sales over the Black Friday weekend. 2018's Black Friday event was no exception - in fact, the results we helped them generate were part of an integrated campaign with Digital Paid Media and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

The Objective

Nixplay wanted to increase conversion rates on specific landing pages, and to secondly increase paid search spend to see a greater return and revenue.

Nixplay invested in their product software and released new products in 2018, which became the foundation for a long term strategy. Their budgets were increased by 20-30% to achieve increases in revenue, which maximised on the Black Friday opportunity.

  • Increase landing page conversions with product-led optimisation
  • ROAS target of 8 on sale period, and 6 on non-sale period

The Strategy

Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Create bespoke product landing pages that showed off the products better to the user
  • Add more product-based information to the landing pages to help user to make a more informed decision
  • Optimise on-page video content to display the most relevant video to that specific product
  • Make on-page content more visually appealing to the user and leveraging proof elements such as social proof (reviews) and authority logos (publications where the product had featured)

Digital Paid Media

  • Strong keyword coverage across branded and non-branded terms
  • Best practice split out on the Shopping Campaigns to ensure granular bidding at product level
  • Budget and bid management is aligned with when demand - rather than working to set budgets we ensure that ROAS is always on target and spend based on this
  • Kenshoo bidding and reporting is a huge part of the success and ensures we can spend based on target ROAS

The Outcome

  • Conversion rate increase of 196% (2.6% - 7.7%) between 19th September 2018 and 9th November 2018.
  • ROAS of 20 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • 54% more revenue YOY from 25% more spend - ROAS up by 23%
  • YoY CPCs down by 13%, despite the increase in spend

A note from Nixplay...

What did you feel went well?

“ClickThrough has been our PPC and CRO Agency for the past 3 years, consistently managing our PPC and CRO campaigns with absolute digital marketing expertise and providing effective strategies that resulted in actual business impact. The ClickThrough team creates effective campaigns with compelling messages, combining the right keywords and high conversion-rate landing pages to produce 40% - 50% increase in revenue from 2017 to 2018.

How did ClickThrough help with achieving your objectives?

"The goals we set with the ClickThrough team were to be dominant in paid search channels, to drive revenue growth, and to reach an optimum acquisition cost. The ClickThrough team did not only professionally handle all aspects of our PPC accounts, but they also brought in high-quality traffic and created custom landing pages that relatively increased our conversion rate at a lower CPA. The ClickThrough team helped our company hit the ground running, outstandingly maintaining an average ROAS of 8:1.

The weekly calls we have with the ClickThrough team always leave us with AHA Ideas. They always have this eagerness to create the best strategies for our campaigns and would quickly help us turn them into reality. It’s hard to find a digital performance marketing agency as proactive as our internal team. We highly recommend the ClickThrough team to anyone who needs help boosting their PPC efforts."

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