Alphabet are the most visible UK car leasing company

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Which car leasing companies are on top when it comes to organic visibility? We review who's on top, who needs to catch up, and who's improved the most YoY

Mike Movassaghi - Automotive Specialist

Within our cycle of reviewing the Automotive digital world, we decided to look into Car Leasing companies. We identified the 12 leading lease companies in the UK and had a look at what’s been happening to their websites and digital presence over the last few months. We wondered if the leasing industry was struggling in the current work from home climate or if they’ve maintained their equilibrium.


Which leasing companies have the best visibility?

  Organic visibility - Desktop - car leasing companies

As always, we ranked 12 of the leading UK dealerships based on site performance, visibility, page speed and SERPs figures. We quickly spotted that, for both mobile and desktop organic visibility, have the highest score of all the companies reaching over 80k. Their search volume x CTR is double their closest competitor, who have a desktop score of 41k.

 Alphabet Leasing Visibility - 2022 desktop organic traffic - SEMrush have had some turbulence in maintaining this score but have managed to keep bouncing back with a YoY change of only 3%. Several other companies have seen a huge rise in their visibility scores especially, up 4921% for mobile visibility YoY, and, up 287% for mobile visibility YoY. However, and have seen drops between 42% and 55% YoY. This level of fluctuation could be due to switches within consumer behaviour, the return to free movement, new companies on the block, contract renewals a whole host of impacts – but that’s for another blog!

Organic Visibility Change YoY - UK Leasing Companies - Desktop

  • - 1103%
  • - 211%
  • - 62%
  • - 59%
  • - 18%
  • - 3%
  • - 3%
  • - -33%
  • - -42%
  • - -55%
  • - 0%
  • - 0%

Organic Visibility Change YoY - UK Leasing Companies - Mobile

  • - 4921%
  • - 287%
  • - 27%
  • - 36%
  • - 10%
  • - 1%
  • - 12%
  • - 49%
  • - -49%
  • - -53%
  • - 45,293%
  • - 0%

Why is visibility data important for leasing companies?

Why do we look at this this data? Making a comparison between websites can help to identify visibility share between the set of selected companies. Notwithstanding brands ranking for irrelevant keywords, these comparisons can be skewed by a company having differing or diverse offerings. For example, you might see a domain having a higher proportion of the traffic due to it having twice as many products or not being classed as a pure play competitor. Sites can also have greater visibility due to more optimised content, a larger blog or creating wider content assets to attract broader synonym keyword visibility. Therefore, linking traffic analysis with ranking keyword analysis helps to build the understanding of where to optimise performance.

Want to find out more about the current state of play for UK leasing brands, as well as other automotive sectors? Check out our automotive hub page.


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Photo by Eric Weber on Unsplash

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