ClickThrough secure 600% increase in Paid Social conversions for leading home appliance brand

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Find out how our paid social experts secured a 600% increase in Facebook conversions for a household name in the home appliance sector, while also increasing TikTok followers by 4,464%. Learn more about these two campaigns in our case study.

ClickThrough have been working with a leading name in the home appliance sector since July 2021 to grow performance and conversions using Paid Social advertising.

The brand’s marketing team are always keen to try new things, and we heavily focus on a test and learn strategy in our partnership with them.

The Objective

They wanted to use TikTok to grow brand awareness, tapping into the ‘CleanTok’ audience on the channel. They also wanted to harness their existing dynamic ads strategy on Facebook, to increase revenue directly through the platform.

We were set objectives to;

  • Grow their following and engagement on TikTok,
  • Improve their conversion rate and ROI on Facebook ads.

The Strategy

To meet our challenge of growing an audience on TikTok and driving sales through Facebook, we approached the task from two angles;

  1. Working in tandem with organic social to improve their following,
  2. Harnessing new ad types to drive sales in our Facebook campaign.

Using an integrated social strategy to grow brand engagement

TikTok is the world’s most rapidly growing social platform, partly down to its unique nature. To run a successful TikTok ad campaign, there must be a strong organic social strategy in place, along with a vast supply of organic content to promote.

We worked closely with the brand themselves on a joint paid and organic activity plan. We advised the client on best practice, as it’s recommended to “make TikToks, not ads” on this platform. It’s also important to build for sound on – which is different to other social platforms, where this is normally build for sound off and entice with sound on.

Driving Revenue with A/B Split Testing

Initially, on Facebook we were running with frame overlays on our dynamic ads. Following the launch of Meta’s Dynamic Elements selection within a Catalogues Sales campaign, we wanted to put this to the test to judge if it was a feasible option for our campaigns.

We ran an A/B split test to understand if there would be an uplift in performance between the two ad formats and split this across both our prospecting and retargeting ads.

The Outcome

We met our objectives for this industry-leading home appliance brand in both areas, driving significantly more conversions along with securing an exceptional level of follower growth.


With the paid & organic social approach, we;

  • Grew their TikTok following by 4,464%, from 298 followers to 13.6K.
  • Secured a 10,002% increase in page likes.

Providing them with the significantly larger, and more engaged, audience.

A/B Split Testing

Having split tested across both our prospecting and retargeting audience, we found;

  • The new Dynamic Elements format secured 35 purchases in our retargeting campaign, while the original Frame ads secured none.
  • Dynamic Elements delivered 600% more conversions than Frame ads in our prospecting campaign, at a 86% lower CPA.
  • Saw a 43% increase in CTR on the Dynamic Elements posts for Prospecting and 24% increase for Retargeting.

We have now paused all our Frame ads, running only with the new Dynamic Elements format.