ClickThrough grows client conversions by 20% with Search Ads 360

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­­ClickThrough has improved client conversion rate by 20%, while gaining back 15% of the time spent on account operations and management thanks to Search Ads 360, both improving technical effectiveness and freeing more resource for client ideation.

Running multiple PPC accounts is tricky and flagging daily errors can be time-consuming, when done manually. We ensure safeguarding is maintained across all our client accounts and, each day, our Paid Search teams used to manually run through each of their accounts to identify;

  • Disapprovals
  • Impression share changes
  • Brand budget issues
  • Downtime on accounts
  • Application of ads and extensions
  • Scripts
  • Performance views
  • Campaign settings

These checks could take up to an hour a day of our executives’ and specialists’ time, and when managing multiple clients it quickly added up to a large portion of their days. Though maintaining account health is essential for getting results we can all be proud of, when working with multiple clients who need these checks done daily, it took time away from the strategic thinking and creativity we can do on accounts to grow results further and drive additional efficiencies.

For long term client relationships, such as Renault Retail Group, our Paid Search team were looking for ways to enhance an established strategy further and create added value to the client. In the case of newer partnerships, we wanted to create smart, effective accounts from start-up and create more time for ideation and strategy planning for long-term success.

In Q2 of 2020/21, we had recently onboarded Hype as a new client. The account itself was running well so we were looking for incremental opportunities to make cost savings, especially across Brand which was the highest performing area in the account. However, if we could make Brand run even more efficiently, it would provide more opportunities to expand into Shopping and Non-Brand, which naturally works at a lower return on investment but are important to capture users searching for generic items or keywords.


Finding a solution that was both efficient and effective

To tackle these time-sinks, ClickThrough used SA360’s custom safeguarding framework, to ensure that all of these daily, weekly and monthly checks became automated email flags that were only sent when something needed fixing. This reduced the need to check accounts where performance and account health was already in an optimal position and can be rolled out the same way across all clients. This ensures that, not only are fatal errors being noticed automatically, but time is being saved within the team to divert towards other tasks for clients that truly add value and enable more proactivity.

To add value for clients solely within the SA360 platform (outside of reallocating time for ideation), we’ve been able to use the enhanced account management features and safeguarding to ensure budget is maximised through bidding rules without risk of missing opportunities. As a result, we’ve been able to increase account click performance and dynamically focus budget towards areas and times conversions are more likely.

For Hype, we focused on utilising advanced features and bidding to enhance accounts (for instance, to make CTR increases on Brand keywords), allowing high-performing areas to work even more effectively, allowing us to invest more time and budget and driving incremental revenue and conversion increases across the accounts.


What we achieved

As a result of automating processes, our team have reduced the time spent on account administration by 15%, time which has been given back to clients through ideation and the creation of proactive strategies – ensuring we are working on the value-added elements that make us indispensable and set us out from other agencies.

We’ve also been able to achieve better results for clients by automating tasks and quickly identifying opportunities to reduce costs and improve conversions (living our conversion-centric approach to marketing). By moving accounts from solely Google Ads to a hybrid SA360 model, we have achieved remarkable results for clients aiming to improve conversion rates;



2020 vs 2019

July vs June 2021

+253% increase in CTR.

-9% decrease in CPC.

+83 % increase in conversions.


+10% increase in CTR.

-2% decrease in CPC.

+23% increase in conversions.

+9% increase in revenue.


Ongoing utilisation to maximise results

As a result of the successful implementation of SA360, we rolled this out across more accounts to reap the benefits of custom safeguarding and advanced features and bidding for more of our accounts. To date, ClickThrough have onboarded 89 clients to Search Ads 360, achieving an average conversion rate increase of 20% while reducing overall CPA by 7%.

Being able to spend less time on the tasks which take up minimal brainpower but maximum time. Even less of our clients’ time with us is wasted on the things that every agency can provide them, and we’ve freed ourselves up to approach their Paid Search strategies with the creativity and flair they came to us for in the first place.


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