Simplyhealth Plan Purchases Bounce Up by 100% at half the CPA

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How following the turquoise rabbit led to brand success for ClickThrough and Simplyhealth


Simplyhealth: Increasing plan purchases through brand awareness

Simplyhealth are providers of healthcare plans and have been since 1872. They provide over 3 million people across the UK with access to health products, services, and support through a monthly insurance policy. After the launch of their ‘SimplyMe’ app in October of 2020 they turned to ClickThrough to build brand awareness and drive downloads.

Through collaborating with their media campaign, ClickThrough achieved;

  • A 100% increase in plan purchases within 3 months
  • A 50% reduction in CPA
  • An uplift of 456% conversions against forecast


ClickThrough’s Approach to Increasing Purchases through Organic Activity

Increasing brand awareness and changing the demographic of Simplyhealth required a 360 campaign to support the new ‘Turquoise Rabbit’ TV ads.

ClickThrough used a three-pronged strategy to achieve results:

  • Promise: Embed Simplyhealth in the hearts and minds of the public by building on Simplyhealth’s TV adverts.
  • Prove: Educate the audience on what Simplyhealth do & offer in terms of products and in the community.
  • Promote: Grow the customer base through selling health plans and driving app downloads.


Simplyhealth’s Goals for Expanding their Audience

Simplyhealth gave us a brief of improving brand awareness and reaching new demographics as part of their goal of driving app downloads.

  • Simplyhealth wanted to drive app downloads to ultimately increase sales of health plans
  • Their aim was to do this through increased brand awareness in key demographics

We were also tasked with the additional focus of building an audience more inline with the changing demographic of their customer base. Whereas customers have previously come from a mature demographic, a secondary objective was outlined for the campaign to focus on a 25-44 year-old professionals and families


ClickThrough’s Approach to Building Brand Awareness

Following Simplyhealth’s commission of a television advertisement during Britain’s Got talent, we developed a 360 digital advertising plan to maximise brand recognition and return on investment, supporting the ‘Promise’ prong of the approach.

We created a range of digital touch points for the brand in order to widen their audiences and direct users to the final goal of downloading the app and therefore transforming them into a sales lead.


Reaching their new Demographic

To unlock the expanding demographic Simplyhealth wished the reach, we layered in Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest in addition to our traditional channels. Good progress was made and learnings identified to make these channels go even further in future campaigns.

Directing Users to Bespoke Content

To ensure users are educated in Simplyhealth’s offering, we proved their expertise in providing health care plans by directing users to bespoke landing pages which we continually optimised throughout the campaign.

Tracking on a Creative Level

By using Flashtalking, we tracked performance down to a creative level, giving us key insight into how each of the ‘Turquoise Rabbit’ creatives performed on each channel and enabling the dynamic serving of ads to different target personas.

Bespoke plans for Target Personas

Using the insights gained through our new demographic and tracking tags on a creative level, we used imagery variation based on funnel phasing and target personas to ensure the highest level of relevancy for each user according to familiarity with the brand.


Surpassing our Expectations

Following our digital campaigns to improve brand awareness of Simplyhealth, we far surpassed our original expectations for app downloads and plan sales, truly living up to the promote prong of our plan. As a result of the project, we achieved;

  • 469% more reach than forecasted
  • 33% more clicks yielded
  • 9,310 total conversions
  • £35.85 CPA (a 50% reduction)


The Reaction

“My team, as well colleagues across the business, have really enjoyed working with ClickThrough. We’ve built a fantastic partnership, and I’m looking forward to developing our work together as we move into 2021.”

Katharine Eyre, Head of Marketing: Acquisition, Simply Health