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The age of PPC keyword targeting may be coming to an end.

Google used the word 'keywordless' for the first time in 2023, and followed that up with several surveys to get a feel for how users would be impacted by keyword-based campaigns being absorbed into Performance Max.

The emergence of Performance Max - an automation-based campaign utilised to optimise ad performance across Search, Shopping, Local, YouTube, Discovery, and Display placements via machine-learning and advanced algorithms - has simplified the advertising process by providing a one-stop-shop when it comes to the optimisation of campaigns. .

Traditional keyword-focused campaigns could soon be outdated and replaced.

Google Ads PMAX

What could overreliance on keyword-based campaigns mean?

Performance Max presents new opportunities to reach and connect with target audiences wherever they are in the buyer journey, while simultaneously optimising ad performance. Continuing to rely on keyword-based campaigns could see your PPC growth suffer for various reasons, such as: 

Inefficient spending.

Keyword-based campaigns often struggle to effectively integrate with Organic Search, creating inefficient spending and limited growth opportunities. 

Missing out on superior results.

PMAX has started to drive brilliant results for emerging brands, while having the opportunity to continue learning and adapting toward further improvements. 

Being left behind.

Google move fast when sunsetting legacy campaigns. Keyword-based campaigns could be phased out within the next 12 months, leading some to play catch up. 

Enhance your acquisition tactics with our Acquisition Diagnostics Report


Account-level keyword reliance

To what extent do your acquisition efforts rely on keyword targeting, and how vulnerable are you as we move into the keywordless future? Most brands that apply for our report are still investing significantly in search campaigns.

Performance per category

As Performance Max becomes more prevalent in your advertising, you’ll need to get under the skin of how well optimised your campaign portfolio is. Are you investing too much into a poor performing category? Find out with the Acquisition Diagnostics Report. 

product distribution

Product level budget allocation

Having a wide array of products can make it challenging to determine which ones are truly selling through regular Performance Max reports. Our shared data will provide insights into product distribution, identifying any over-reliance on a few items, and highlighting potential hidden gems that could benefit from increased investment.

Budget efficiency diagnostics

Brands are often taken aback by the investment distribution among their product groups when they request our report. This can range from a substantial portion of media spend directed towards products that generate clicks but no revenue, to top revenue generators receiving only a minuscule fraction of the total budget.

budget efficiency
roas analysis

Target analysis

By feeding in your target ROAS in the form below, we can show you exactly what products need more attention, and which are being prioritised by the PMAX algorithm. There are always countless examples of products receiving a significant budget, but under-delivering on expected returns. 

Data-Led Design® assessment

We'll assess where you can reduce media spend wastage and improve the ROAS of your paid media campaigns, accelerating your conversion performance via Data-Led Design®.


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