Scam Emails

You may have received an unexpected invoice from ClickThrough Marketing via email. We are sadly aware that the ClickThrough Marketing name and brand has been used in scam email campaigns, aiming to extract fraudulent costs and fees (purportedly on our behalf). These emails claim to be sent by employees of ClickThrough Marketing, but we do not have any involvement in these requests and the individuals sending them are doing so without authorisation.

How to tell if your email is a scam email

All official ClickThrough Marketing correspondence will come from the email domain

We do not use Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, nor any other email domain. Please confirm that any emails you respond to match our website’s domain exactly and are not manipulated to look similar (for instance,, may look similar but are all incorrect).

Please be cautious of any emails coming from ClickThrough Marketing that;

  • Have poor spelling or grammar,
  • Include links or attachments you are encouraged to click,
  • Ask for confidential information,
  • Know limited information about you, or the service you have supposedly received.

Even if the email claims to be from someone you know works for ClickThrough Marketing, please exercise caution if the email address is unfamiliar, or the above criteria are met.

What should you do?

If you receive an email from ClickThrough Marketing that you find suspicious, we advise you do not respond directly to the email. If you are confident you have not received any services from ClickThrough Marketing, we recommend you delete it immediately.

If you are unsure of the email’s validity, please forward it to our billing team who can verify its authenticity.