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At ClickThrough, our expertise sets us apart. We’re proud to employ innovative, driven and friendly individuals, regarded as authorities in their respective fields.

  • Google Analytics Qualified26
  • Google ADWORDS Qualified11
  • Hubspot Certified17
  • Brightedge Certified10
Phil Robinson

Phil Robinson Founder & CEO

Dave Chaffey

Dave Chaffey Insights Director

Zoe Bates

Zoe Bates Director of Client Success

Rob Allen

Rob Allen Director of Client Growth

Tara Barnes

Tara Barnes Head of Marketing

Ian Boyden

Ian Boyden Head of Digital Paid Media

Jade Coleman

Jade Coleman Head of SEO

Amy Dugmore

Amy Dugmore Head of Content & Social

Alan Rowe

Alan Rowe Director of Web Strategy

Richard Chapman

Richard Chapman Head of Analytics & Conversion

Michelle Plowman

Michelle Plowman Head of Talent Management

Kelly Hay

Kelly Hay Finance Manager

Lily Tipper

Lily Tipper Head of Client Growth (SEO)

Richard Plant

Richard Plant Digital Insights Specialist

Debbie Bissell

Debbie Bissell Business Support Manager

Sonja Wickett

Sonja Wickett Telesales Executive

Alison Humphries

Alison Humphries Digital Paid Media Strategist

Sam Thomas

Sam Thomas Digital Paid Media Specialist

Anisha Nijjer

Anisha Nijjer Senior Digital Paid Media Manager

Jed Brookes-Lewis

Jed Brookes-Lewis Digital Paid Media Manager

Matt Fletcher

Matt Fletcher Digital Paid Media Manager

Sarah Kemp

Sarah Fieldhouse Digital Paid Media Manager

Rachel Poole

Rachel Poole Digital Paid Media Manager

Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith Digital Paid Media Executive

Andrew Hinton

Andrew Hinton Digital Paid Media Executive

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh Digital Paid Media Executive

Martin Beirne

Martin Beirne Head of Web Delivery

Neil Paterson

Neil Paterson Senior Web Developer

Matt Hitches

Matt Hitches UX Manager

Luke Pritchard

Luke Pritchard UX Design Apprentice

Roman Below

Roman Below Magento Developer

Sergey Vlasov

Sergey Vlasov Magento Developer

Eugene Zubkov

Eugene Zubkov Magento Developer

Robert Berry

Robert Berry Analytics & Conversion Executive

Tom Williams

Tom Williams Technical SEO Specialist

Bipin Padhiar

Bipin Padhiar Technical SEO Executive

Zoe Adkins

Zoe Adkins SEO Account Manager

Katie Millington

Katie Millington SEO Account Manager

Natasha Cartwright

Natasha Cartwright Senior SEO & Inbound Account Manager

Lisa Coghlan

Lisa Coghlan Content Manager

Bryony George

Bryony George Inbound Content Writer

Tom Yardy

Tom Yardy Senior Digital Content Executive

Toby Bell

Toby Bell Digital Content Executive

Katie McDonald

Katie McDonald Digital Content Executive