Data-led Design®
CRO on Steroids

Data-led Design® is for CMOs and Marketing Leaders that want to drive optimal performance efficiently, at the lowest possible cost.

  • Accelerate the conversion performance of your organic, paid media, email and affiliates channels.
  • Optimise user journeys, enhance site experience, and improve conversion rates.
  • Reduce media spend wastage & improve ROAS of your paid media campaigns.
  • Maximise leads, e-commerce sales and overall returns from less spend.

Since 2004, 100s of brands have experienced the growth and cost efficiency benefits of our conversion-centric approach, Data-led Design.

Accelerate your conversion performance

What is Data-led Design®?

Data-led Design® is ClickThrough’s unique approach to creating high-impact conversion rate optimisation strategies that accelerate website performance. Using a roadmap, created bespoke for your brand’s needs, we take any guesswork out of UX design by generating actionable feedback that makes our designs conversion-leak proof.


What are the deliverables and costs?

During a 2-to-4-week programme of work we can deliver two options;


Proof of Concept - AB Taster

  • Identify the most lucrative upside opportunities for improving your website's user journey
  • Run live user testing exercises to gain qualitative, actionable insights that remove conversion barriers
  • Creation of optimised proof of concept page design with further test recommendations
  • Forecast the cross-channel revenue uplift from a conversion rate optimisation programme

CRO Accelerator

  • Includes all features of the Proof of Concept, AB Taster project plus;
  • 3 rounds of hypothesis, including user testing, and online split testing
  • Account Management, including strategic planning, reporting, and calls
  • Technical setup (Hotjar/Clarity, AB software (VWO or equivalent), and the ClickThrough DLD Cloud
  • Research & analysis – site audit covering health, analytics set-up, conversion tracking, and more
  • Hypothesis & Strategy (opportunity & hypothesis logging, roadmap, prioritisation and hitlist creation)
  • Data-led Design® - page design solutions, user testing, design iteration, optimal design results
  • AB testing - design implementation, minimum viable testing approach, monitoring, and analysis
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our Data-led Design® process;

Why is your Data-led Design® process unique?

Our Data-led Design® process is unique to ClickThrough Marketing due to the exclusive, in-house technologies we can offer to accelerate your site performance. In our process, we use;

  • Data-led Design - our proprietary proven methodology built over 15 years of practice in conversion rate optimisation,
  • ClickThrough's DLD Cloud - you get access to revenue uplift dashboards, all test results, designs and roadmaps,
  • JourneyCraft - our unique technology that identifies the conversion barriers that you can't see across your digital channels,
  • Offline user testing - by using offline user testing to iterate our design ideas and hypothesis prior to online split testing - we ensure that starting point for the online test has a better opportunity of success.


What data sources do you use to identify conversion uplift opportunities?

We use a range of data sources to identify the biggest conversion uplift opportunities for your brand, in order to get the most thorough, comprehensive view of performance possible. These include;

  • Analytics data
  • Funnels and Journeys
  • Visual Intelligence
  • Live usability testing
  • Paid media performance data


Which pages and user journeys will you focus on?

We ensure we’re prioritising the pages which have the highest conversion potential for your site. These will be different for each brand we work with, and your bespoke roadmap will depend on the outcomes from the data analysis phase. We ensure we focus on the primary conversion funnel to achieve success: we start higher up the funnel, and optimise downwards, pushing more and more users to your final conversion points.


What level of uplift do you typically achieve?

We deliver conversion uplifts from 55% to 150%, which can significantly impact their revenue growth with no incremental marketing spend. For one of our clients in the UK care sector we generated a £50m annualised revenue gain from our work. We aim to achieve a minimum of 20% uplift year on year, or at least a 300% return on your investment with us. You can read about examples of conversion and revenue uplifts in our case studies.


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Key benefits:
  • Accelerate your marketing conversion performance
  • Optimise user journeys and enhance site experience
  • Reduce media spend wastage & improve paid media ROAS
  • Maximise leads, sales and overall returns from less spend.
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