Bing and Yahoo! Test New Mobile-Friendly Designs

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Bing and Yahoo! are test-driving radical new designs, reports Search Engine Watch.

Both search engines appear to be aiming to improve user experiences for mobile web users, featuring card-like SERP designs reminiscent of Google.

Yahoo!'s new look features arguably the most extensive changes, with distinct cards containing search results, images, related searches and ads. All Google Testing, a site that uncovers and analyses search engine experiments, reckons "the test is very similar to Google for tablets interface."

Bing, meanwhile, features a layout fairly similar to its current interface, but with Google-esque menus below the search bar, as opposed to their current location above. Like Yahoo!'s test, results and other elements are clearly 'boxed' using cards.

Is this a glimpse of a mobile-friendly future? Currently, the two search engines are remaining tight-lipped about the possibility of a full roll-out.

In an email to Search Engine Watch, a Yahoo! spokesperson noted: "In 2013 alone, we performed more than 600 experiments on Yahoo Search, and we are continuing with these efforts," adding: "We don't have anything new to announce at this time."

Bing's response was similar, with a Microsoft rep noting that the company was "constantly updating and refining the Bing search experience," and that they "have nothing further to share."

All Google Testing has created instructions for those who wish to view the Bing and Yahoo! tests for themselves.

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