PPC News Roundup: Customer Match Targeting Gets An Upgrade

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Rachel Poole and Sarah Kemp outline paid search news including an upgrade to AdWords’ Customer Match Targeting.

Google Customer Match Targeting Gets An Upgrade In Adwords

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Google Customer Match is now more accessible, helping marketers to use phone numbers and addresses for Customer Match targeting with AdWords campaigns.

Originally launched in 2015, Customer Match Targeting allows advertisers to upload lists of existing customers, such as newsletter subscribers, in order to target or exclude them as part of their campaigns. Until now, this feature has only been able to support email lists.

With this upgrade, advertisers will more easily be able to target matched customers across search, shopping, display, YouTube and Gmail ads.

Bing Ads Now Includes Call Conversion Imports

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Bing’s latest update will allow advertisers to import call conversion data into their campaigns, making it easier to attribute their efforts more accurately to call reports.

Third party call systems will now be fully integrated with Bing Ads, automatically sending session and conversion data to campaigns.

CallTrackingMetrics is one of the first call tracking companies to take part in this update to Bing Ads, helping advertisers to report attribution on a more granular level.

Facebook Launches Pre-Roll Ad Test


Facebook has announced a six second pre-roll ad test and will also be introducing restrictions on when publishers will be able to insert mid-roll ads into their video content.

Pre-roll ads will only work with the Watch video hub and, with this new restriction, Facebook maintains that pre-roll ads in news feeds are not user friendly – since there is no choice in the matter when an unskippable video is presented. Shows that have been commissioned in the Watch hub will produce more revenue for the publisher producing content.

Mid-roll ad requirements are also being adjusted by Facebook. Previously, video content had to be 90 seconds long to feature Ad Breaks, with mid-roll ads inserted as soon as 20 seconds after the video started.

From January, Facebook will no longer allow this. Instead videos must be three minutes long and ads cannot be inserted until the 60 second mark.

Facebook’s representatives commented:

While pre-roll ads don’t work well in News Feed, we think they will work well in Watch because it’s a place where people visit and come back to with the intention to watch videos.

Facebook Ads Now Link To WhatsApp Accounts

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Now WhatsApp has rolled out verified business profiles, Facebook will be adding a new tool for those brands to promote themselves.

As WhatsApp is evolving in the same way Messenger did, Facebook is now launching a way for brands to start conversations with their customers on WhatsApp.

Brands will now be able to add buttons to their Facebook ads that will link directly to their WhatsApp profile. These ads will only be shown to users who already have WhatsApp installed on their phones. Hitting the button will send the user to a pre-made message in WhatsApp and the brand will be able to track which ad that user has come in from.

Facebook’s product marketing manager, Pancham Gajjar, stated:

Many people already use WhatsApp to communicate with small businesses. It’s a fast, convenient way to stay in touch. By adding a click-to-WhatsApp button to Facebook ads, businesses can now make it even easier for people to learn about their products, set up an appointment or use their service.

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