PPC News Roundup: Google Shopping Ads Enhanced With New Features

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Rachel Poole and Sarah Kemp detail the latest PPC news, including new features that enhance Google Shopping ads.

Google Shopping Ads Enhanced With New Features


To enable its users to discover, compare and research products in a seamless manner, Google has updated Shopping Ads, giving them a set of new features that enhance its current user experience.

As mobile shopping becomes more prominent, so does the amount of user research when they’re searching for products on devices before completing at the checkout.

With regards to the ‘discovery’ element of the buyer journey, Shopping ads now display more information than they ever have done. The carousel shows the following in “Quick View”:

  • Larger image

  • Product description

  • Reviews

  • Seller rating

  • Whether the item is on sale

The Knowledge Panel has also been upgraded. The new look displays product photographs, reviews and descriptions, and also videos.

When users research within a large category, Google will help to close purchases by making suggestions based on behaviour and relevancy.

Snapchat Set To Split


According to Third Door Media’s Tim Peterson:

In a major overhaul, Snapchat will divide the app with friends on one side and everyone else, including brands’ organic Stories, on the other.

The update will change how Snapchat looks, but with an aim to improve the user experience for businesses and the general public.

But what does this algorithmic adjustment mean for businesses?

People may have overlooked marketing Snapchat Stories due to their feed being clogged up with Friend Stories, too. Now the two are separating, the visibility of marketers’ Stories could increase.

Although the new Discover tab takes away Friends as competition, it does make way for other marketing competition.

Peter continues to explain that “[the snapchat] algorithm now has more control over the content people are exposed to on Snapchat than the people themselves. Ideally, that means that the algorithm will make it easier for people to experience new content they’ll be interested in.”

Auto-Bidding Gets Improved Bid Adjustment Controls


Any bid adjustments users manually created previously didn’t appear in the automated bidding decisions that were made.

Now, all bid adjustments that are made will help Bing Ads’ automated bidding system to decipher which ads to display to which users.

Ultimately, this change offers new, improved methods within the processes of automated bidding, and how it works with your goals and preferences in mind.

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