PPC News Roundup: Google Users Can Mute Remarketing Ads

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Discover the latest paid search industry news, including Google users being able to mute remarketing ads.

Google Users Can Mute Remarketing Ads

Following a recent update, Google’s ads settings now have the option for users to mute repetitive ads.

Nicknamed ‘reminder’ ads by the search engine giant, they are designed to encourage users to purchase something they might have already shown an interest in.

To mute remarketing ads, navigate to the Your reminder ads section of your Google Ads Settings. You can identify who is targeting you with Google display ads, and mute this according to your preferences.

This feature has also been synced across devices when users log in. If you mute an ad on your desktop, it will also mute on your mobile.

Look out for further news on “Mute This Ad”…

Google Upload Support For BigCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop To End


Just before the 2016 holiday shopping peak, Google enabled integrations between its Merchant Center and the following e-commerce platforms: BigCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop.

Now, these integrations are about to cease.

But why is Google doing this?

In an email to Sales & Orders, a member of the Google Merchant Center Team gave this response:

…in order to better focus on solutions that will make the Shopping ads onboarding a more seamless experience. We’re continuing to work with e-commerce platforms to explore more frictionless integration opportunities.

These changes are set to take place on Tuesday, 20th March 2018.

Snapchat Lets Non-Users View Stories Outside of App

pexels-photo-533422 (1)

Snapchat has made its Snapchat Official Stories, Our Stories and Search Stories available for non-users to see outside of the app.

Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, announced this change a couple of weeks ago.

But what does this mean for Snapchat?

People without the app will be able to view Stories and share links to specific public ones, that other non-users can view without a Snapchat account.

This new Story sharing feature will include public Stories that appear in the newly-designed Discover tab, but not all of them. Stories included will be Official Stories from celebrities, Our Stories from Team Snapchat, and Search Stories produced by Snapchat’s computing system.

Exact Match Update Drives More Volume


Bings Ads has updated its exact match close variant technology.

The update includes reordered keywords in the following markets:

  • US (Aug 17)
  • UK (Nov 17)
  • France (Nov 17)
  • Germany (Nov 17)
  • Canada (Jan 18)

The search engine has said it will revisit these updates and review additional markets going forwards.

On the Bing Ads blog, Microsoft Program Manager, Amanda Culp, writes:

In an effort to help advertisers reach more customers, we show ads for close variations. Close variants can include singular and plural forms, abbreviations, misspellings, punctuations, word blending, accents and stemming. This can help in not only driving additional clicks where the customer intent is the same, but also saving you time by not having to build and manage the many variations of your keywords.

This means users won’t need to build/manage all the different variations of keywords that have been reworded, in order to get the coverage they desire.

Twitter Selling Sponsored Moments


Twitter is maximising on its ads…

The social media platform is selling “Sponsored Moments”, which are simply bundles of tweets that are focused on a central theme.

Advertisers can pay to “sponsor” a moment, which means they can add tweets to the bundle and even include their own branding for the Moments.

The Twitter Team have released a couple of points worth jotting down:

We don’t know how many people actually use Moments, so it’s tough to know what the total business opportunity is here.

Not all Moments will include ads. The sponsorships are only available for a list of “premium publishers” that work with Twitter, a group of around 200 organisations that include TV networks and sports leagues. Right now, each deal is negotiated separately among publishers, advertisers and Twitter.

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