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EU privacy regulators may take action over Google's policies

Internet giant Google may face repressive action from EU privacy regulators over privacy concerns.

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ClickThrough Marketing welcomes Alan Rowe to its new web development team

ClickThrough Marketing welcomes new web development manager, Alan Rowe, to the team. We sat down to...

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A beginner's guide to meta titles and descriptions

The world of SEO can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the industry. ClickThrough copywriter, ...

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Eric Schmidt: Identity will be vital for content to rank in Google

Verified profiles could be a crucial Google ranking factor in future: after Eric Schmidt underlined...

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ClickThrough Marketing welcomes Alison Booth to its PPC team

ClickThrough Marketing welcomes new paid search manager, Alison Booth, to the PPC team. We sat down...

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