Congratulations Ruby - Our November Employee Of The Month!

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This month, our coveted employee of the month award went to Ruby Waplington. We got to know Ruby and found out more about her role at ClickThrough.

 Announcing our employee of the month is always an exciting time for us at ClickThrough. This month, the award and coveted mug goes to Junior Front-End Developer, Ruby Waplington!

Ruby's been brilliant this month, working closely with the content team on Black Friday pages. She's guided us in the right direction and been there to provide really useful feedback, which will set us up well for future collaborations with the CRO team!

She is the driving force of CRO and Content/CRO integration. She is an oracle of knowledge when it comes to clients and explaining CRO. Ruby always has the time to chat through ideas, plan meetings to ensure everyone is up to speed, and she is always so lovely and understanding. CRO/Content collabs wouldn't have been such a massive success without her at the helm driving us forward. No one deserves this award more than her!!!”

We caught up with Ruby to find out a little bit more about her, and how her role fits in at ClickThrough.

First up – can you tell us a little bit about your role here at clickthrough?

I’m a Front-End Developer in the CRO department, we do Conversion Rate Optimisation. My main role is building A/B tests. We basically make a change on a clients website, then half the traffic gets sent to the control website and half the traffic goes to website with the change. We can then collect data and see which variation performed best. It means any changes to client’s websites aren’t being made blind, we use the data to show us what works best for that client.

What is your favourite part of the role?

My favourite part is of course getting great results, that is always amazing! It’s so rewarding when we’ve built a test and our version wins hands down, it just shows what we are doing is working. Building the actual tests and the code is really satisfying too.

What did you do before you joined ClickThrough?

I was a web developer for a small radio station. It was much smaller with less resources, but a great place to start and it bought me to ClickThrough!

What would you say you have gained from working at ClickThrough?

I’ve gained so many skills since joining ClickThrough. Although I knew about web development, I didn’t know anything about CRO before I started here. I didn’t know much about best practise on websites either, and although I don’t have to know about it as I don’t do the design, it’s a great help that I have picked it up over my time here at ClickThrough and I can now contribute really good ideas on what tests we should be doing.

What three words would you say describe you?

Clumsy, Funny and Tired.

What do you plan to spend your voucher on?

I’m not sure yet! I would love a new dress for the ClickThrough Christmas party, or maybe treat myself to a new tattoo or piercing, as I wouldn’t currently spend money on that kind of thing, unless I had a voucher. Although another option is my local independent bookstore, I love books and always try to buy from there as I know the money is going directly to the man that runs it. As of right now, I’m not sure, I have too many ideas!

Do you have any inspiring words for anyone that is thinking of joining clickthrough?

I think ClickThrough is just such a positive place to work, and a really great place to start your career. It’s so supportive here and there is just constant help to grow and learn. It’s the perfect size, we aren’t so big that you feel like a tiny person getting lost in the place, but we are big enough that there is enough resources and expertise to teach you how to be successful in your career.

How does it feel to win clickthrough's employee of the month?

It feels amazing and it has definitely come at the perfect time. We’ve had such a busy few weeks in the CRO department, getting clients ready for Black Friday. Last week was one of the most stressful yet rewarding weeks of my career. So for this to come just after, was even more appreciated!

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