Meet May’s Employee of the Month – Content Executive Beth Whitehead!

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This month, our coveted employee of the month award went to Beth Whitehead. We got to know Beth, and found out more about her role in ClickThrough.


Announcing our employee of the month is always an exciting time for us at ClickThrough. This month, the award and coveted mug goes to Content Executive, Beth Whitehead!

Beth was nominated for employee of the month for the way she tackles new challenges head on and refuses to let anything phase her.

“Beth is continuously tackling new elements in her role, smashing her first SPS and ensuring the narrative between Content and SEO showcased integration. She's created a new template for a competitor audit and has spotted opportunities for cross-selling, highlighting how far her wider digital marketing knowledge has come! Sidenote: She also has incredible whistling skills which came in very handy at the Christmas party 😃

“For expertly managing the accounts on her own and smashing every piece of content. She's an amazing asset to the Content team and is always on hand to help. She handles everything in her stride and always sounds so professional and enthusiastic when talking to clients. A true inspiration!”

We caught up with Beth to find out a little bit more about her, and how her role fits in at ClickThrough.


First up - can you tell us a little bit about your role here at ClickThrough?

I'm a Content Executive, so I create content strategies & calendars for clients, as well as producing content itself along with optimising existing content too. I’ve actually been leading on some accounts since January, while we’ve been searching for a new Content Specialist. I work with ClickThrough three days a week, and I’ve been leading on three accounts in that time – Busy Bees, Avery, and Latitude World.


And you were fairly new to digital when you started with us, weren’t you?

Yeah, I’ve been here since last July and worked in the travel sector before. I did do some content before, but it was mainly social media and clickbait articles, so moving into a digital agency and writing more in-depth content was a new and exciting challenge.

It's been interesting, and it's been hard work, to upskill in different areas quickly, but it's rewarding, especially because before I've always been in content-churning roles which were only client facing over the phone and through emails. I’m now producing content and actually having in-depth conversations with clients over where they want their strategy to go. I feel like I’ve really come into my own, as I enjoy talking to people and have been able to do that alongside learning all these new skills. I’ve learnt so much from everyone at ClickThrough, instead of having to learn things on my own like I was before.


How have you found writing more in-depth content compared to ‘clickbait’?

It's so, so different. I much prefer it as it’s more about quality over quantity – it’s interesting to get to know our clients’ brands and industries, to learn about what they’re currently pushing, what they’re doing well at, and how we can help them improve or drive traffic to the places they want.


You’re with us on a part-time contract, three days a week. Does that affect your work process?

Personally, I try hard not to become consumed by it. Because you know, there's always something that can be done and we can always do more for clients, especially in quite a creative specialism like content – the inspiration doesn't stop! I think this is something everyone in digital feels though, and it’s definitely not exclusive to me working part-time.

However, everyone is so supportive, and I always know that if I ever needed help or support with any of the clients or projects then there's always someone there to help me out and make the most of my time (without feeling like I need to do more)! Accepting this help and support is important though – it can feel hard to let go of some tasks when you feel like you want to do it all, but it’s so helpful in the long-run.

When you work part time, you do just have to let yourself get used to not being in ‘work-mode’ five days a week. Relaxing into this is definitely a skill, but my team are so supportive and that really helps.


What three words would you say describe you?

First off, I'd say I'm quite sarcastic! I'm quite receptive or reactive too, as I feel I’m good at noticing and being quite in tune with how people are feeling. But, also, if there's something that needs to be done, and there’s a time restraint on it, I’m good at meeting it (in both my work and personal life)! And then a third word… ah - calm. I think I’m calm, which is a real asset when it comes to taking on new tasks and responsibilities.


So, most important question - what do you plan on spending your voucher on?

Probably wedding outfits, for other people's weddings because there are so many this year. I've been trying really hard to just re-wear outfits, and I'm very lucky that I've got beautiful sisters-in-law who have great taste in clothes as well, because it means we can all share! But I think I'll probably put it towards ASOS for a nice outfit for someone's wedding.


Do you have any advice for anybody who's looking to get into digital or switching to a part-time role?

I would just say, as long as you really want to do it, there's always scope to learn. I came into this role knowing the basics for this industry, as you always have to start somewhere. I was in a good position as I’d done some content, and my degree was in English Language and Creative Writing, but even without those specialisms there still would have been an opportunity to dive in.

There’s so much to learn, and most of what I’ve picked up has come from other people and talking to my team, rather than having to get my head down and read or study. You pick up so much from those around you, and when it actually comes to putting it into practice, that’s when it sticks.

With working part-time, the only difference, like I mentioned, is being able to switch off – which is a skill in itself! You need to be mindful of making sure that you’re not logging on outside your working hours (even if you get those niggling thoughts to), as no one expects it of you, and you can still achieve and develop just as much as if you were in the office five days a week.


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