Simplyhealth: why we offer health insurance in the workplace

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What are the benefits of offering health insurance in the workplace? Business Support Officer Vic Michalska tells us about this much-loved ClickThrough benefit.

The top benefits of health insurance for employers (and employees!)

Health insurance and private health care plans are increasingly becoming a key benefit that job seekers are searching for when looking for their new role. Though this is a great benefit for employees, offering health insurance in the workplace is a smart move for businesses too, as it improves the quality of life for their team members, and positively impacts overall productivity.

Five key reasons for employers to offer workplace health insurance

Before we dive into what our health plan with Simplyhealth has done for team ClickThrough, let’s cover off some key reasons employers should be seriously considering adding a private health plan to their benefits package.

  1. Encourage quick action for illness or injury

How many times have you put off a medical appointment due to the time investment or cost? Though, as a nation, 83% of us are pretty happy with our GP standards of care, when we’re handling a condition or injury that doesn’t feel urgent, we’re less likely to arrange an appointment with an alternative or specialist therapist. Providing a benefit that allows employees to claim back on (or even signpost towards) dental, osteopathic, physiotherapeutic, or other therapies, encourages them to tackle conditions early before they progress.

  1. Access to counselling services

Many workplace health plans offer on-demand counselling services that your employees can access quicker than when going through a typical referral process. Having such a valuable service on offer not only means your team can talk to a professional quickly but reduces strain on local services too.

  1. Reduce stress

With both physical and mental health being cared for through a health plan (in addition to any workplace initiatives you may also be running), general employee stress will also reduce. With stress known to cause long-term health challenges when not addressed, the benefits of private health will impact employees at the very start of their health journey.

  1. Improve team morale

Naturally, lower stress levels will lead to a happier team who enjoy being at work more. Improvement to office culture will be noted, as your team can come to work feeling healthier and ready to engage with their colleagues in a positive way.

  1. Reduce sick leave and raise productivity

Ultimately, a healthier and happier team will need to take fewer sick days and be more productive when at work. When we cycle through these benefits above, we can see that offering a workplace health plan has both long and short-term benefits for employers and employees, with the impact growing as time progresses.

What offering health insurance in the workplace means for us

At ClickThrough, we offer help with medical costs through Simplyhealth.

The benefits at ClickThrough are fantastic but being able to offer everyone Simplyhealth really shows our commitment to the mental and physical health and wellbeing of our people.

Having Simplyhealth means we can give our employees and their families, support, advice, discounts and financial help with medical costs, making it easier and more affordable for them to look after their everyday physical health and mental well-being.

We can claim back for all sorts of things, such as everyday dental and opticians costs, along with treatments like seeing a physio and osteopath, to consultant appointments and health assessments.

The plan offers us access to a GP 24 hours a day as well as a helpline that gives in-the-moment support and a counselling service. This helpline also provides information on a wide range of legal and financial issues that can really give people some peace of mind in challenging times.

There’s a huge range of rewards and discounts available to us too! The really popular ones at ClickThrough are the gym discounts, clothes, days out and spa breaks.

By choosing Simplyhealth we also support our Corporate Social responsibility as they donate 10% of their pre-tax profits to charitable partners each year 😊

What our people think of Simplyhealth

Our team use Simplyhealth for a variety of reasons. We heard from a few team members who were happy to share their experiences.

I've used Simplyhealth loads to get myself and my family fixed, mainly osteopaths, eyes, and dentistry and I think it's brilliant, easy to claim, fast in terms of processing and getting money back in 3 days most times. I'm always looking to make use of my full allowance every year, why wouldn't I want to get my money back, and be healthier! Plus I've also bought vitamins from one of the additional services at a discount too

"Having the benefit of Simplyhealth allowed me to seek the right treatment easily without worrying about the cost. This is such a helpful support for me to keep ensuring my wellbeing and the process of using Simplyhealth is super easy, making life easier! I'm so grateful that ClickThrough have provided me with this benefit"

When I used Simplyhealth for my mental health issues, the people there were very friendly and gave me plenty of options to suit my needs. Would highly recommend them.

Simplyhealth helped me when ordering some blue light glasses for work. I sent them the receipt and they paid the amount into my bank the next day, which is amazing! Simplyhealth is just there when you need to use it which is great!

I used Simplyhealth for treatment after an accident. There was no way I could have afforded the physio and osteo treatment sessions I needed. Plus they pay the money back really quickly!

Simplyhealth were able to provide me with the support and guidance I needed at a personally very challenging point in my life and, after having one call, I had a much clearer picture on how I could overcome a particularly traumatic experience, which I was struggling to see a way forward from.

We love to support our team however we can, and Simplyhealth is just one of the benefits we offer. Find out more about life at ClickThrough on our careers pages.

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